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Boat Bottom (Hull) Cleaning Business – Unique Small Business

The boat bottom cleaning business can generate large amounts of money, upwards of $400 dollars a day after a clientele has been established Yet this is seasonal work and that should be taken into account. This business takes on a bit of risk. The fee is usually based on the size of the boat and the fact that it’s such a specialized small business, the fee can be quite high. In the neighborhood of 50-500 dollars


How to Start a Dog Walking Business

If you’re looking for a great way to make money right away, and if you are an dog person, consider starting a dog walking business. Generally speaking this a no cost, to low cost start up business that can start generating income almost right away. Chances are whether you live in a small town, in big city, or in the suburbs, you are probably surrounded by dogs, and all of them are just jumping at the chance to go for a nice long walk, and chances are that their owners are not in the mood to go for a nice long walk.


How to Setup a WordPress Website

etting up a Wordpress website can seem a bit challenging in the beginning but after learning the system it’s quite easy.

There are a few essentials when setting up your first website. After setting up several of my own and to help out my brother and newphew and everyone else just getting started, I figured I would create this simple step guide.


Save Money on Your Phone Bill

Straight Talk is a cell phone service available through Wal-Mart that allows you to utilize Verizon and AT&T networks (based on where you live) for a fraction of the price and without contracts. Straight Talk is a great choice for a primary phone. There are four phones to choose from and two service plans to choose from. 1000 minutes of talk, 1000 texts and 30 megabytes of web usage for for 30 Dollars US or Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web for 45 Dollars US with no obligations.


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