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Home Based Businesses  1. Apartment Clean Up Fun & Easy Business With Great Profits Apartment Cleaning is an excellent, extremely low cost, and fun business to get started. If you’re interest in getting started in...

Top 10 Must Have Free Programs That Can Save You Money

Just about every commercial software product has a high quality Open Source or otherwise free commercial counter part and in many cases they are either just as good as the pricey version and sometimes even better. The only difference is the Open Source version is free and can save you money, lot’s of money.

Here’s some of my favorites.

parking lot line striping

Parking lot striping business

Parking Lot Line Striping
Most of the home based businesses that I talk about on are businesses that you can start on a shoe string budget but at the same time have the potential to bring in big profits. The parking lot line striping business is no exception.


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