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How to make money online and off with advertising specialties

In fact quite profitable. If you own a business then you may have received a call from the “pen guy”… The pen guy offers pen, magnets, frisbees, etc with your business name, number and slogan on them.

Printed pens can be ordered directly from the manufacture, for as little as .08 cents a piece or 8.00 for 100 + shipping and handling. We sold boxes of 100 pens for 59.00 to 89.00 we referred to it as a starter kit and we sold them all day long… This idea is far from saturated on eBay.

The contrast of making money, is it simply a matter of perspective.

While in this heightened state of awareness of my suroundings I looked at who was doing what and if they enjoyed it, how much they made and if they took pride in their work. One thing I noticed; My wife and I walked into the hospital coffee shop, I noticed on the way the person delivering the mail, doctors on the way to their offices, and even the man who took the tickets on the way into the parking structure. But, this one little coffee shop stood out above everything else. What was inspiring about this coffee shop were the the two young w

Make your own greeting cards

It got me thinking about greeting cards in general. Personally I always said that I would prefer a home made card and the 3.88 that would have been spent on the card, put in the card. :) Just kidding. But, I do appreciate a home made card more than I do a purchased card.

How to set-up your very own website

Many people feel that it’s too challenging to get their own website, but I’d like to tell you the truth of the matter. It use to be… In the past you would have to know how to code, and design, learn HTML and Java script, etc. Back then we spent most of our time writing code instead


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