Poverty spreading in suburbs

Poverty spreading in suburbs
November 29, 2008

Poverty in the United States is spreading from rural and inner-city areas to the suburbs, according to a study, a situation that can worsen as the economy confronts what may be a protracted recession.

The study by the Federal Reserve’s Community Affairs department and the Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program found that poverty levels in the world’s richest nation were on the rise.

“It shows that concentrated poverty is still very much with us, and that it can be found among a much more diverse set of communities and families than previous research has emphasized,” said Bruce Katz, a director Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program.

“Poverty is spreading and may be re-clustering in suburbs, where a majority of America’s metropolitan poor now live.”

The study was released ahead of next week’s conference on concentrated poverty at the Fed. It shied away from explaining the causes of poverty, but past research have linked the phenomenon to loss of jobs in manufacturing, agriculture and mining.

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  1. Obbop says:

    The elites of every country tend to do well unless they are deposed or lose a war with another group of elites but even then the losing elite(s) will often continue living an opulent life style.

    Hey!!!! The elite class of every country/religion/cult/any type of social organization lives well and works less by skimming from the labors of the common classes.

    That is what Marx and Engels tried to tell us!!!!

    Those two should have stopped there rather than trying to concoct a cure for those burdensome elites.

    Maybe elite classes are inevitable.

    It’s just a shame elites are so ready to brainwash, then up to murdering masses of common folks so as to enable them to maintain the status quo that is so beneficial to the elites.

    I admit that some groups of elites are kinder than others.

    Sure can’t compare American elites with the acts of Idi Amin, Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, etc. etc. etc.

    But, the USA’s elite class HAS murdered common Americans to maintain the status quo. Just look in the history books. Even women and children have died at the hands of jack-booted thugs, representatives of the elite class, to ensure that wealth and power remained in the hands of the elites.

    Please, my fellow citizens. All I wish is that you attempt to cast off the years of indoctrination, the brainwashing all of us undergo to convince us that the way things are is correct, proper… as it should be.

    From schooling to the mass media to general culture…we are constantly bombarded that the present status quo is the only RIGHT way to handle things.

    Educate yourselves!!! Don’t let the self-centered greedy elite class do your thinking for you.

    Don’t let the Rush Limbaugh’s of the world implant their propaganda. Those folks are merely shills for the elite class!!!

    I remain convinced that the greatest threat to our freedoms is our own elite class; more of a threat than all foreign terrorists combined.

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