25 Things Just Released!


25 things, it’s too easy! and it’s Guaranteed!
You WILL see money where others DO NOT!

Dear Cash Strapped Ebayers:
If you’re struggling with money, trying to make ends meet, if you’ve been chewing your fingernails a bit too much lately. You need to keep reading!

If it’s not you but a friend or family member thats recently lost a job or just isn’t quite making ends meet, up at 3:00 in the morning worrying about money, then keep reading!

If you’re having trouble keeping up, getting the bills paid, need some extra cash every month, perhaps there is a bill that’s getting neglected? Even if you just want to bring in some extra cash for whatever reason just too buy some fun stuff! Your in the right place.

I’ve created this to HELP you pull in extra income RIGHT NOW. Starting TODAY!

This is NOT designed to make you a millionaire overnight, and I’m NOT promising that you’re going to buy a new corvette next week. But, if you want to get on the fast track to supplement  your income,  If you need some cash to pay the bills, and make money basically from thin air, this is you’re chance!

First off, if you think that this is the repeat offer, the same as all the other “how to ebay guides” allow me clear the air.

It’s Not

You WILL start making money right away, simply choose an item and get started it. 
Poof Money! It’s that simple! 

  • You don’t need a drop shippers,
  • You don’t need wholesalers  
  • You don’t have to be some guru eBay master genius
  • You don’t need money to invest
  • You don’t need to work 24/7

It’s home based so you don’t have to find a babysitter. and you’ll grow your feedback with good quality, satisfied customers!

It’s NOT that hard to bring in extra money! Actually, it’s really quite easy!

The age old question “What can I sell over and over that doesn’t cost me anything” Has been answered! 25 times!

You WILL see money where others do not! Example: There’s an income stream that’s basically “trashed cash” it’s quite literally free money! And, it’s everywhere. I guarantee you’ve toss it out in the past probably today, probably every day. Even if you just offered one or two a day you’d make an extra $60 to$120 a month just from one 10 minute task.

If you want to pad your wallet with extra cash RIGHT NOW and each day, week, month, and years to come. If you don’t have a ton to invest in wholesale products, if you don’t have a ton of stuff around the house to sell but want an easy income then this IS for you!  

You can get started immediately!

Everyone that works on eBay should be doing at least a few of these simple things!

You will very easily have the ability to pick up the cash for a few extra bill in you’re first few weeks, gas electric, trash, water, cable whatever you need to pay!

I’ve spent a great deal of time researching, studying, testing, and re-testing! These items don’t cost anything or in many cases cost very little! Some actually self replicate and others, you’ve got too many…

This is NOT some oversold list of info-products on how to make a craft book or some genealogy charts. There are many REAL physical ITEMS! Ready to go, free, and right now!

“25 Things” is completely unique and cannot be purchased anywhere else on earth! This is the only place you can get it! And, this is the first time I’ve offered it to the public! It’s literally brand new, unexploited information. 

You see, there are many items that are sold every single day around the world that are free, but are quite valuable to many people and for many different reasons. 

Sell a few and pay your ebay fees for the month!

These items are either FREE or of very low cost, Basically Free!

Some you can start right this moment, and others will take some time to setup, but once there setup that’s it, it’s wash, rinse and repeat.

Many of these items are sitting around you right this moment and you don’t even know it. In fact  you’re throwing away some every single day and just don’t know that it’s FREE MONEY. Many are tossing out an easy 50, 100 or $150.00 easy, every month, just from 1 of these ideas!

I’m not talking about some product that you paid for at some point like old clothes or electronics, old shoes, those items weren’t free! We’re not talking about going to yard sales, or estate sales and buying stuff that may or may not sell! 


Nearly 100% profit margin!

There are a number of business, and product here that will provide you with cash in hand right now, some are designed to be duplicated, work once rinse and repeat. Others are simply items that one would “think” are virtually worthless… Trust me! There not… No matter which ones appeals to you, you will generate cash from thin air!

If you need Money this is too easy! It’s foolproof, 

It honest and it doesn’t fail! Most people don’t know about them or even consider this when selling on eBay.

Many powersellers consider this to be secret, The fact is there is NO SECRET!

If it were some SECRET they wouldn’t be able to show there listings. 

They just hope you don’t realize that you can do the same thing!

What I’ve done is to go on an extensive journey across the world of eBay. believe me, it’s a big world! All in an effort to answer the age old question “What Can I Sell that’s Free but has value?” Something that I can sell over and over, and will benefit people. The answer is in the guide 25 times. plus of course a few bonuses.

You can try this risk free spend some time with it, apply the techniques, read over it. And start making money. Make sure to try idea 1 and idea 20 no matter what! 

If it’s just not for you, that’s ok too, simply return the disk and get a full no questions asked 100% Money Back Guarantee.

There simply is a no risk 100% Money Back Guarantee!

I’m going to practically give this away at first, 10 bucks, that’s the introductory offer, I could easily sell this for much more! But, like I said it’s an introductory offer and this is designed to help people who are in need of money.

Imagine 25 products and income streams for 10 bucks… 

Limited time only It WILL go up in price, I guarantee it. but for now just 10 bucks and no risk…

To your success!

Get Your Copy Today!

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