eBay Affiliates! – A Must for Every Affiliate Marketer!

Ebay Affiliates!

If you’re on pennyroll.com then you may just like making extra money. Ebay affiliates is one of the best programs available to do just that! You don’t need to have a website to make money, you simply need to join and then get started. There are several ways to get the link out! I will help you understand a few great way to generate some extra cash!

Join eBay

Once you’ve become a member of eBay you can then become an affiliate of eBay.

You can do so here: Join eBay affiliates but again Join eBay first.

Once you’re an affiliate, you will begin to have the ability to promote products that are currently for sale on ebay. When you refer a shopper to ebay through one of your campaigns you make a commission on the sale. In addition to that you make money, every time someone becomes a new member of eBay.

So, how can you make money on eBay by promoting products if you don’t have a website? by blogging of course!

If you’ve ever created a blog before then you already know just how easy it is, if you have not then follow these simple instructions.

For this example we’ll use blogger.com simply head on over to blogger and create an account. It’s quite simple and only takes a moment to get start. Once registered click “create blog” you add your content and publish that’s it, that’s how easy it is to create a blog.

So what should your blog be about? Well, that really is the key isn’t it. Let’s go through the steps.

1. First, head back over to your eBay affiliate page, and choose a product to promote. In this case I am going to choose the Wii as it is currently quite popular so it shouldn’t be too difficult to get people interested in the content of our blog.

So, we’ve chosen the Wii, as you see here to the left. I’ve chosen a smaller example then I will in the blog. In the blog I will use a much larger ad, you will learn more about the different options for advertising when you’re an ebay affiliate. But, suffice to say you can run just about anything you can imagine. You can create an entire page specific to one product, or random products, or of course you can create links and banners, you have complete control. It’s one of the better affiliate programs that are available to you.

So off to the blog, here is what you’re going to do, first start a new blog, related to the ebay product that you decided to promote, create some content that would be interesting to read, in this case I just created a quick example. Now by default you are going to get some traffic, I also opted to toss in a google AdSense link as well for added monetization. If you don’t already have a Google AdSense account I recommend getting one. Here’s a link to Adsense

Now, in order to get even more traffic to your product promotion you can head over to ezine articles, and write a quick article on the Wii, then add a link to your blog. In addition, there’s always Reddit, Digg, and Stumble if you really decide to go all out you could even start an Adwords campaign, but more on that later.

This should get you started, good luck and have a great time with your affiliate marketing campaign.


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