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I like to tell you about a little trick I recently learned. There are a few steps, it’s easy and will generate some extra cash for you.

First of all, what is Click Bank?
Click Banks is an affiliate program designed to allow you to promote products. Everything from books about how to make money to which are the best vitamins to take. All the click bank products are digital product. So the profit margin is very large. The Clickbank system allows the creator of the product to pay high commissions when you sell one of there products as a distributor.

Here is an example of a click bank product that works.
Robot Trading

So, the first step go register for a new account at Click Bank.

Now that you’ve registered with Click Bank. Head on over to and create an account. is really quite simple to use and very easy to get started.

Your going to create a new blog based on whatever product you decided to promote from Click Bank.

There are two ways to go about it and the proponents of either technique feel that there way is better, in short they both work. The two approaches are either first to create a compelling sales ad that promotes the product that you are offering. Or create an informative article. For those that don’t know Wikipedia is Open Source GPL it’s copy left, so you can feel free to use content from Wikipedia if you credit the source at the bottom of your article.

READ the Wikipedia License: People often have a tendency to jump to conclusions because they don’t know this information about opensource GPL.  Now that you’ve read it and know this you have more knowledge then, well most.

Ok so you’ve created your blog at – next you will head over to Ezine Articles. Ezine articles are a great way to generate traffic to your blog or website. At Ezine you will now create an informative article that is not a sales pitch, this will only be for the purposes of offering good quality information to the readers of the article. You don’t want to add a link to your click bank product because the article will need to be approved and a link to clickbank is NOT allowed from your article. That’s why we created the blog in the first place. The article will need to be at least 250 words and you can use some of the content from your blog in order to write it.

Once you’ve written your wonderful high quality article that is related to the product you’ve decided to promote back when we were at Click Bank; you will now be allowed to fill in a resource box with links to your blog.  Make the links compelling.

When visitors then click that link and are taken to your blog they will click the link that you’ve provided within your blog to your Click Bank product. You want to make the link compelling, make it something that people want to click. You are given the freedom to make it whatever you like, so, if the product you are promoting is weight loss, make it “Finally a FUN way to loose weight” or whatever you feel is catchy. You can use the Google Adword Tools to research keywords to use in your title. When they purchase the product you are then given a BIG commission.

Don’t worry, what I like to do is make sure that the click bank product is something that I like, that way I feel good about promoting it. Second if the person doesn’t like the product, they are always given a 30-day money back guarantee.  So you can feel good about doing this.

Good luck It really is quite easy.

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