Save money – Shop by the ounce and unit price…

Save money –  shop by the unit price!

With the economy in distress many of us are looking to cut costs where ever we can and grocery shopping is an excellent place to start. When my wife and I are out grocery shopping we both participate in locating thebargains and using the price per ounce method. The amount of money that you will save by using this method is astounding! On a typical grocery shopping trip for a family of four I would estimate that you can save between 20% and 30%  and up to 50% simply by knowing how items are priced.

In most grocery stores there are two prices displayed next to each product. The larger price is the specific item price and next to that usually much smaller is the unit price which displays the price by volume. This is the only price that truly matters if you want to save money.

Shop for Groceries by Unit Price

This doesn’t mean that you need to buy 50 gallons of catsup to save money, in most cases you need only buy a little more to save and on occasion buying less can pay off depending on the sale price of the item.

Generally speaking buying a bit more perhaps 16-20 oz vs 12 oz. Additionally the variation from brand to brand can be drastic and of course buying generic is often lower but not always!

You don’t need to be a mathematician to use this technique there really is no calculation. The hard part’s done for you. Simply choose the product with a smaller unit price or per ounce.

Often when my wife and I check out after a grocery shopping trip we amaze the clerk with the amount of groceries we’re able to purchase for such a low price.

We usually do our grocery shopping by month and on a recent shopping trip we were able to fill up two and a half overflowing grocery carts for just over 400.00 dollars. According to the check out clerk that’s not a typical transaction. In fact she said that many people fill only 1 cart for the same price (this was without using coupons) which I also recommend as long as you use them for things you would purchase without them, but to use coupons to buy products that you wouldn’t otherwise buy just because it’s on sale is necessary the best way to save money.

The goal here is to make sure that everyone can get the maximum amount of any product for your money. Simply paying attention to this little shopping tip can easily pay your electric bill. Next time you’re at the grocery store make sure to pay close attention to the Unit Price.

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