The Adbright AdBrite affiliate program!

Update – I would stay away from adbrite after 6 months or so I decided to go back and check my earnings on this and had made a total of 0.01 cent… Plus because I use chrome most of the time, and it doesn’t show up with that browser, I think I’ve been simply annoying my visitors, making my page load slower, and not even making any cash anyway. So I am quitting and removing the code.

I joined a new affiliate it’s called AdBrite, it’s a “ppc” pay per click affilate, similar to Google Adsense. I thought I would create a quick post (this post)┬áto see what it looks like. I hear that they are quite good but it seems that when you register you have to add your websites content type by listing keywords/ Then “ad buyers” make the decision to advertise on your website I guess based on the keyword’s you choose. It’s different from Google Adsense in the fact that adsense uses robots to detect your content and generates ads accordingly.

I’ll let you know how it goes!

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