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Skype! (Save Big on your phone bill!)
If your truly interested in saving some money consider skype, I know were in the era of cell phones but if your still currently spending a small fortune on monthly land line telephone bills, skype is definitely worth considering.

We recently switched over, we were spending around 80.00 dollars every month on our local and long distance phone service, that’s a small fortune each and every month just to talk on the telephone while at home. Now we can talk as much as we like for less than 3 bucks a month, that’s unlimited, both local and long distance.

Here’s the run down:
2.95 a month allows you to make as many local and long distance phone calls as you could ever want, and if you would like to have a phone number of your very own you can opt to pay an additional 12 dollars.

The 2.95 a month fee allows you to make anywhere in the united states and your choice of either Mexico or Canada.

If you have family in other countries around the globe you can add a small amount more and include other countries in your plan as well.
After switching over to Skype were saving just about 77 a month. There are a few things to think about when switching over. One is the phone that you will be using, you can make phone calls directly from your personal computer, on a usb phone or with a converter box you can even use your personal (standard) phone, the converter box is necessary to convert the signal from analog to digital.

Here are a few links to get you started!

Skype Converter box

Skype Phone

All in all this is an excellent way to save a bit a cash each and every month especially if your on a budget!

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