eBay Secret – How to Make Money Out of Thin Air Selling Coupons on eBay

eBay Secret
eBay is really quite an amazing place. It’s possible to sell things you may not have otherwise realized have value because they are inherently free. In some cases these items have real value.

When most people get an interest in selling on eBaythey often do what everyone else is doing. They begin looking around the house, garage, attic, etc. Searching for items that may have some value. Other times they go to flea markets, garage sales, and resale shops in an effort to locate items that can be bought at a discount and can be sold for a profit. Others will attempt to locate a drop shipper or wholesaler with the intention of buying items at wholesale and sell them at retail.

All of these ideas work and can potentially provide a decent online income but I’m referring to something completely different.

Selling Free Stuff on eBay…
One category of items selling on eBay often goes completely unnoticed by the most. Sellers almost never look or even realize that these items are often big sellers and produce big profits on eBay.

Here’s a few examples and some detail about what you just might be able to incorporate. Basically a way to generate money our of thin air.

Let’s take a look at a few quick examples…

ebay secrets

Coupons are an amazing business on eBay and quite profitable! In fact they are one of the best listed/sold ratio on eBay. I’ve seen everything from free soda coupons to discounts on dog food, baby formula, food products, makeup, and just about everything else under the sun.

Coupon come in a variety, of shapes, colors, sizes and values. There’s a coupon available for just about every product or service that can be imagined. I’m sure that you’ve come across a coupon today that would have been a great seller on eBay!

There are several people that sell coupons they find in the Sunday and Wednesday newspaper. They create an entire business just from that one source. I recommend that use as many sources as possible.

I’ve personally sold Lowe’s coupons, Subway coupons, Fashion bugs coupons and many more. I’ve made a profit on each one and received nice feedback as well. Coupons are a great item to add to your arsenal of eBay auction items!

What really gets me is when the bid amount surpasses the value of the coupon.

Let me show you an example (see the image below) “$20 dollars off any $100 dollar purchase” It’s from a national chain store. I picked it up over at the post office this afternoon. They have a bin and a table where everyone tosses the coupons and magazines they don’t want from their PO boxes. They don’t know the secret you now know. They are tossing out free money! Have you ever tossed away a coupon?

Free Cash! Sell one coupon a day and at the end of the month pay a bill or two. Sell five or six a day and make a car payment at the end of the month! Once you realize this is money you will start seeing coupons everywhere.

Cabela’s $20 dollars off $100 dollar purchase!If you can’t see the auction in the background, it’s the same coupon as pictured selling on eBay. The Coupon received 3 bids and ended at $2.25 This coupon was free at the post office, it’s basically a piece of what many people refer to as “junk mail”.

When you see these coupons laying around the post office you are looking at carelessly tossed out free money. Everyones heard the term one man’s junk is another man’s treasure but did you know that applied to junk mail as well?

Next, a typical and pretty common Lowe’s coupon that comes in the mail (I’ve sold them). When it comes they are usually all around the post office. Most people just toss them away in that big bin full of junk mail or leave them on the table at the post office.

This is a lot of 6 Lowe’s coupons offered on eBay at 11.99
But the big question, did they sell? The answer, YES they sold over and over!

Thats 30 coupons for $60.00 dollars! That’s big money and that’s an entire business if you do it full time. Perhaps you could do what I do add it to your collection of income streams!

Let me just say that coupons are definitely not the hardest thing to come across. In fact generally speaking it’s much more difficult to avoid them than to get a hold of them.

When I checked out at the grocery store today I received five coupons along with my receipt. Those have value to someone if you don’t want them sell them.

There are many different ways to get coupons. You can pick them up in the local newspapers. Make sure to scour the entire paper not just the coupon section. Try the entertainment section for movie coupons. Many local newspapers offer coupons on both Sunday as well as an additional day generally Wednesday or Thursday.

Get on mailing lists. You can sign up on the Internet for mailing lists. Get on the major distributors mailing lists such as Johnson & Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, Purina , Lowe’s, Home Depot, Enfamil, etc. Get a few each time you go to the post office. I guarantee they are everywhere it’s basically free money! pick it up!

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  1. yeah. i agree with you. doing business on eBay is a great thing to do. most of the people are already dependent with the internet so why not grab the chance and use it in earning a lot of money? besides, working with online businesses wouldn’t require you to go outside your house for you to earn a lot. it is so beneficial and very interesting. anyway, thanks for posting your blog. keep it up.

  2. Ola! Pennyroll,
    Along the same lines,, I just wanted to share something that I believe to be hugely relevant to being successful on eBay. It’s not really a secret but then again, it only stays a secret until you use it yourself and see it’s absolute power. No no I’m not going off on some mystical tangent here. I’m getting to free eBay secrets trust me!

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