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Smokey our big lovable dog

If you’re like me you’re always looking for great ways to cut down on waste and save some money. Pet food can be quite a cost and if you have dog’s like we do, one of their favorite activities is eating. Making your own dog food can be a wonderful treat and a fantastic way to save money.

This doesn’t have to be an either or situation, you can still buy the 50 pound bags of dog food, and at the same time, on occasion make up a batch of your own dog food perhaps every third or forth day, when the leftovers that didn’t get eaten are about to go bad. 

This is a money saving tip because it does two thing, first it all allowes you to utilize food and leftovers that you may otherwise not eat. The food that could easily end up in the garbage or in the compost heap can easily become a feast fit for a king.

Here’s a quick example of a few meals I recently made for the dogs.

The other night I was making up a mexican food dinner for the family, I was aiming to create home made tortilla to go along with it. well, the meal took a bit longer than I anticipated, and the home made tortillas were left out, we ended up using the packaged variety, bot we didn’t decide this until after the dough was made. 

The next day, I decided to take that dough and put it to good use. I made it into a round, make shift loaf, the ingredients are basically flour, water, salt butter and baking soda, perfect for dogs (no yeast), I went through the refrigerator and looked for thing that could be added to the meal I was preparing for the dogs, I was able to find several items that the dogs would love and I didn’t think the family was going to eat. Leftovers that were on the outside of the three days that leftovers are usually good for. I found a container, of home made creamed chicken soup, added a can of tuna, and an egg, a scoop of beans from the mexican meal and a bit of the carnitas pork from the meal as well, and added it all to a big pot, added a bit of milk and some water and made quite a big pot of  dog food stew.  It made plenty of food for them for them and fed them for the entire day. 

If you purchase dog food perhaps 1 per month, and can make them home made meals, perhaps 7 times a month that will give you an entire week of food that may otherwise be waisted.

Additionally if you keep a deep freeze there are certain times that meat will stay in a bit too long, perhaps become freezer burnt or may just not be as desirable than it was when you bought it, you can easily go through the freezer once or twice a year looking for those items, cook them up and add in some filler, such as rice, flour breads, again no yeast and create excellent meals that your pets will truly appreciate. I guarantee that your dog will not care if there is a bit of freezer burn on his steak.

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