Take out the trash and save…

garbage_truckTrash is most definitely a cost and a great place to look when you want to save money.

There are several ways to bring the cost down. If you live in a house then you probably have a trash man and of course a trash bill to go along with it.

Our bill ran around 40 dollars per month that’s three cans a week. The way the trash bill works is we pay for the three cans weather we fill them or not, so for example if for two weeks out of the month we only fill two cans we still pay for three and probably so do you.

We found out that if we take our own trash to the landfill they charge 10 dollars for 100 pounds,  roughly the cans and bags that would fill the back of a pick-up truck. We also found that this is only necessary once, and sometimes twice monthly. So by using this method you end up saving around 30 dollars a month. 

If you live in an area that allows you to have a fire pit you’ll quickly find out that those boxes you are constantly tossing out fit nicely into one another, i.e several 12 pack soda boxes will fit nicely into a 24 pack soda box and work wonderfully for getting a fire going on a cool summer night. In fact many of the things we toss out can easily be burned, but be careful and check with your city regulations on this as not all areas allow it.

In addition, many landfills don’t charge at all if you are recycling items, so if your conscious of how you organize your trash, you will save on the dumping on all those recyclables and help out the earth at the same time.

Another great way to reduce the load that you’ll be taking to the landfill each week/month is to start a compost heap a compost heap. A compost heap will allow you to do something worthwhile with all your leftover kitchen scraps, reduce the amount the amount of trash and is an excellent way to create premium soil for your garden.

In closing, simply being aware of your garbage will help you to lower your bill.
and don’t forget to save those cans. 🙂

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