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Very Unique Small Business
Ad specs… Promotional Items!

(a little tiny investment) 200.00 or less, you can start with a small amount and work your way up!
pens-images-prod-ctm-largeAd Specs This is a business that I use to be in… It was profitable… In fact quite profitable. If you own a business then you may have received a call from the “pen guy”… The pen guy offers pen, magnets, frisbees, etc with your business name, number and slogan on them.

Printed pens can be ordered directly from the manufacture, for as little as .08 cents a piece or 8.00 for 100 + shipping and handling. We sold boxes of 100 pens for 59.00 to 89.00 we referred to it as a starter kit and we sold them all day long… This idea is far from saturated on eBay.

Here’s the premise, create an ad with urgency a super sale so to speak. We were always closing out something weather real or implied that is how they are sold.

The great part about participating in this business is that there is no need for overhead or inventory. As long as you can generate sales, you can basically create a drop ship situation.

Let’s say that you start an auction right now for a nice box of pens for 49.00 sort of an introductory offer if you will.

Joe from Joe’s Pizzeria sees the add and decides that he want it, after all it’s better the 69.00 or 79.00 that he been paying.

All that you have to do is collect the information that will be displayed on the pen from Joe For Example:

Joe’s Pizzeria
A Slice above the rest!
555 State St. Whatever Town USA

Now all you have to do is collect the money from the sale, then place the order with your wholesaler, have the pens shipped directly to the Joe.

There are many wholesales but here’s one that offers great prices.

Quite an easy way to generate an extra income.

NOTE: If your bold and are willing to pick up a telephone and phone book (lead book) and start making calls you should easily be able to generate 3-6 sales a day as a beginner. 150-300.00 per day profit. I know guys that can do 600 a day! This is a fast hard sell situation.

Here’s the phone sales script (Make sure you’re talking to a person who can make a decision, the owner is best)

Hi I’m “name”, you may remember me I’m the guy that does the pens, you know the pens with your business name and number on them. The reason for the call, we’re closing out boxes of 100 pens right now and you can take them for next to nothing! (This is a qualifying question – say nothing and wait for a response, make sure not to speak even if 5 minutes passes it will blow the sale)
If – No Thanks,
That’s it that is the end of the call. (it’s a numbers game) No one buys after this point if they say no at this point.

You’re looking for the answer “How Much are they?”
“How much are they?” means that they want them and the only thing that could separate you from the sale, is price. So at this point price is the only thing that matters.

Response to “How much are they?”

Describe them!

Ok! These are all black round ball point pens with a pocket clip cap, what we do is print in gold “(Business Name) Joe’s pizza Shop A Slice Above the Rest! (read the address to them you have it in the phone book) 555 state street Any Town USA” then we put your phone number on em’ (read it back to them) 999-555-5555

Normally a box of 500 of these pens goes out of here for 449.00 a box all day long but were closing them out right now! Every pens gotta go!

Here’s what I’m going to do for you, take a box of just 500 of them and I will give them to you for 349.00 that it! Take em for that and you’ll love them!

Expect a yes but they are going to say no thanks at this point in most cases. That’s ok were going to sell this box.

Get a yes, it doesn’t matter what the yes is for. Ask a question that will require them to say yes. Joe would you drop everything to spend a week on the beach drinking margaritas all day long if I paid for it? Yes!

Listen Joe I gotta move these pens so I’ll tell you what I’ll do for you, take the box of 300 Printed (describe the pen) (repeat the business name address slogan once again) take them for 179.00 Your going to love them for that!.

This is called a high pressure 3 price drop close! It’s fast. Get another yes “Joe do you like to make money, do you want to make a lot of money?” Yes (It doesn’t matter what the question is as long as it a yes question.)

You killing me Joe but I have to get rid of these pens we have to move them no matter what! Tell ya what I’ll do because they have to go! Just Take the small box of 100 pens (read the business name number slogan)
Take em for 59.00 The worst thing that could happen, your customers will get a warm pizza delivered on time!”

Ok I’ll take them for that!

Go straight to confirm the sale.

Were going to get these out to you at (read the address, the business name the slogan zip code, everything!)

The key is to keep the pen price high and sell as many as possible, some sellers will only drop the price on 500 and 300 and will not even offer a box of 100. A box of 100 is too easy to sell!

Warm down the sale. Don’t get off the phone with the same urgency as you had through out the close. Ask about the weather but don’t stay on the phone long.

That’s it hang up the phone and make another sale! $150.00 to $300.00 then 4-5-600.00 a day!

On your eBay ad create the same type of urgency and you will sell more pens. That’s the secret to the pen business.

Google “A Slice Above the Rest!”
The slogan was born from the pen business.

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