Candle Light

05_04_51-candle_webThis afternoon my wife had surgery. She was having gas pain, not the typical gas pain that someone may have and could take gas-x to relieve but instead carbon dioxide gas that’s used to extend a persons stomach during surgery. The gas in injected into the abdomen as to make it possible to see the organs. Tonight she was having pain due to this gas injection. She wanted to be able to see things in the room, her bottle of water, etc. I decided to light a candle for her, something that would allow her to see the things around her and allow me to help her with things she needed, but not be overwhelming to her eyes as the bedroom light was too bright.

My wife and I (Tami) ┬ásat in the candle light and started talking about the time in history, when the only option was candle light, and how we’ve grown away from that. We started talking about all the uses that candle light could hold. All the cases that candle light would be all that a person would need.

Think about this, although a light bulb isn’t that expensive to run, there are plenty of situations where a candle would do the trick.

The candle provides, enough light to read a book or have a casual conversation. The candle provides a romantic mood, and enough light to write. There are times that I read or write on the computer, and have the lights on the dimmer switch down to near the lowest setting. It never really occurred to me that a candle would suffice.

Living frugal is more that a practical way to save money but more a way of life. I write this to get us thinking about alternatives that we would otherwise not think about. If you’re sitting on the patio would a nice beg three wick candle provide enough light? Could you pull the weeds along the back fence by hand instead of using the weed eater?

Are there things in you’re life that you could accomplish, or even enjoy accomplishing more, without the use of electricity, or gas?

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2 Responses

  1. Al says:

    Unfortunately in this age, candles are deare than the alternatives ‘~’

  2. John says:

    ?? deare ?? ~

    What happened, is she ok?

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