How to set-up your very own website

website-pennyroll-screenshotHow to set up a website of your very own, easily and quickly.
There are so many ways to go about setting up a website. I want to talk about the easiest way to get started, one that will net you the very best results. A website that will allow you to spend more of your time writing content rather than learning and writing code.

Many people feel it’s too challenging to create their own website, but I’d like to tell you the truth of the matter. It use to be… In the past you would have to know how to code and design. Learn HTML and Java script, etc. Back then we spent most of our time writing code, not writing  writing content.

I was the coder type, I’ve been coding, designing, and creating websites both personal and professionally for over 10 years. I was very skeptical of making the jump to application style websites like WordPress, Joomla or any other “all ready done” content management system.

That was then! About a year ago I started feeling the waters (kicking and screaming the entire way) with a few tests runs of the WordPress system.

I have to say that at first I was quite skeptical, I thought I was giving up control of my website, and how I wanted to have things set up. But, It turns out WordPress is quite amazing. It’s easy and produces professional results while allowing you to do what you need to do, provide content.

Now that you can basically take your hand off the wheel so to speak, it allows a person to focus on writing content full time.

Word Press has what they call the famous 5 minute installation, It doesn’t really take 5 minutes for a first timer and I don’t think that a beginner could accomplish it very easily but the great news is that you don’t have to. You can have a complete WordPress website up and running with less than 10 click. A complete website set up for 9.95 including a domain name, and complete hosting for only 6.95 a month without a contract.

About Web Hosting
There are many hosts out there, and I’ve worked with several of the in the past. What I’ve found is that most of them are not that dependable for the most part but there are exceptions.
In the beginning GoDaddy was slow, very slow and was a “discount” host. Discount meaning not the best. But these days, I swear by them. They offer fantastic hosing (I’ve had many host to compare), it’s always up and almost never goes down, massive amounts of storage, & simply put the easiest WordPress set up around. Not to mention that the customer service is excellent! Every time I need something I just call up and it’s done, oh ya and no contracts! With every other web host, if you want that kind of price you have to pay 12 or 24 months at a time. GoDaddy is month to month and you can easily quit any time. I use them to host my own websites

When you get started you will spend some time getting familiar, that goes without saying but I can tell you that the learning curve is not steep.

If your absolutely not in the market to spend any money on this process you can still get up and running. You can find a free web host here

And, set-up you’re own wordpress website here

If you’re going to use Godaddy: Once you have an account go to the account tools, choose WordPress and click install, follow a few simple steps and your done. You have a basic website!

wordpresslogo-main_fullNow, that you have the basic Word Press website you will want a nice design. That use to be a challenge as well but not anymore.

There are many websites that offer free Word Press website design themes but they often come with a few strings attached. WordPress is by nature an open source program and should not come with strings attached. I recommend using when selecting you designs.

Go here for designs. (referred to as themes) Free

You may also want to take advantage of the free PlugIns directory. I won’t go to much into what PlugIns are other than to say they are add-ons to enhance your website. There are thousands upon thousands of PlugIns available, everything from calendars, to polls, picture galleries, and games, embedded videos, as well as everything in-between.

Go here for PlugIns (free)

You will need a file FTP (File Transfer Protocal) program in order to upload the PlugIns and Themes (it’s quite easy), and once their uploaded to the correct folder it’s just a simple click to install them.

Use Filezilla to move your files around it’s easy, fully featured and of course free.

Although you will never need to know HTML when using WordPress it can come in quite handy from time to time. Now that you have a website, a nice design and some PlugIns; I recommend taking a few quick and easy lessons on HTML.

Free HTML Education
W3 Tutorials

Custom Graphics
If you’re in need of custom graphics for you website, you can get a free copy of a highly powerful graphic software.
Gimp (Gimp is Opensource & Free)

This is the easiest way to get a website up and running with the least amout of technical expertise, or money.

Once your website is up and online come back here and share your link. I’d love to see what you’ve come up with and anything else you’ve learned along the way.

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5 Responses

  1. Marcus says:

    Hi Jason,

    In keeping with your continual theme of saving money in our daily lives, Godaddy is no exception. I have been a long time customer for a long time. It’s great that they are starting to come around with online tools like WordPress and Joomla.

    I thought I would share with you some coupon codes for Godaddy. If anyone out there is interested in registering their domain name at Godaddy, or have a site already at Godaddy, you can use these promo codes during checkout. There is a box right in the bottom edge of the shopping cart that will let you enter in a promo code. Just try these three and see which on saves you the most money. The codes are valid for at least another year and can be used and shared over and over.

    new Go daddy codes:
    ZINE7 – $7.49 .com domains and renewals
    ZINE5 – 10% off almost anything else
    ZINE6 – $5 off any purchase over $30

    More about these deals:
    ZINE7 – $7.49 .com domains (and renewals too)
    Use this Godaddy coupon code for all your domain registration needs. It works great for both new domains and renewing your existing domains at Godaddy. Free private registration when you register at least five domains.

    ZINE5 – 10% off anything
    This Godaddy code works great for those items like domain transfers, .net domains and anything else that the other discount codes don’t cover.

    ZINE6 – $5 discount on all orders over $30.
    This one is perfect for when your cart totals between $30-$50. It’s a nice way to receive an instant $5 off your total order.

    Hope you can use these in addition to the great steps that Jason outlined for starting your own web site. -Marcus

  2. admin says:

    Hey, thanks for that. Another thing I do to save money with godaddy, anytime I want to register a new domain name I first visit google and search “6.99 domain names” Their add comes up and I use that to go directly to their promo page. I always get a discount on domains with this little technique 🙂

  3. adding this to twitter great info.

  4. Godaddy has great prices on .info domains but their private domain service is so damn expensive,~*

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