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As we all know there are tons of great ways to reduce, reuse and save. But, sometimes you have to spend money to save money. For example some of us spend a great deal of money, going out on the weekends. Perhaps we go out to the movies or to clubs and restaurants. Netflix may seem like an unnecessary cost to some but may create a big saving for others. If they choose to stay in a few extra night and watch a movie, they may save hundreds, they would otherwise spend on evenings out on the town.

Here’s a few great ways to spend that can actually be a savings.

pushreelmowerPush Reel Lawn Mower. If you have a yard then you probably have a gas powered mower. With gas heading back up it could be a great time to invest in a manual lawn mower. They work quite well and cost nothing to run. No gas, and no electricity.

Back yard above ground swimming pool.
This may sound like quite a luxury and a big additional cost but if you consider all those long summer days, that you may spend in the house with the air conditioner on, you could be saving on your electric bill by cooling off in the pool. These pools run around 200-300 during the summer months but if you buy it late in the summer but are often clearanced off for up to 75 percent off at the end of the season.

trampolineTrampoline A trampoline can be used all summer long, provides great exercise and entertainment for the whole family. A trampoline can cost a few hundred dollars but once the initial investment is paid for they can provide years of fun and they costs nothing to run.

clotheslineThe Clothes Line: This is an excellent way to save during the summer months. There are several benefits to drying your clothing on a clothes line. First being the freshest smelling clothes you’ve had in years, and a big reduction in your electric bill each and every month. If your back yard has a optimal place to tie a line then you could get started with as little as 10 dollars, otherwise you may consider spending a bit more for a commercial quality clothes line.

Caulking, Weather Stripping, & Insulation
Another great way to spend and save. Invest in caulking and weather striping and insulation. During both the winter and summer month we all spend to cool and warm our homes. In many homes across the country that expensive air is seeping right out of the cracks. We can drastically save money by properly weather proofing our homes.

woodstoveWood Burning Stove
During the winter months heating our homes can be quite expensive and in certain areas it’s certainly worth considering an investment in a wood burning stove especially if you depend on electric heat as your only option. In many forest areas you can get as much as 10 cords of wood for the cost of a simple 5-25 dollar permit. With a little/lot of labor you could easily heat your home all winter for free.

Going Solar
Whether you start big or small, solar can be a great investment of your money. Some areas lend themselves to this better than others, and some homes, better than others. You can start as small as with solar garden lights or as big as solar panels that will power your entire home.
Watch this short video on how to create your very own makeshift solar heating panel.

Easy FREE Home Heat!


Water Purifiers
A great and healthy way to invest. Let’s face it, no body should be drinking tap water, it’s full of unhealthy elements. There are plenty of options for clean water filtration systems, and will save big especially if you’re spending money on individual bottles of water each and every day.

Dimmer Switches and Ceiling Fans.
Dimmer switches save in two ways, first is of course in the amount of energy going to the light bulb. If we can reduce the amount of electricity going to a light bulb then we obviously save that energy cost, but by using dimmer switches we can also prolong the life of the light bulb. Some say by turning a light on slowly we reduce the amount of stress on the filament because the bulb doesn’t experience the sudden shock when switched on.

By using ceiling fans during the summer months we can decrease the need for the air conditioner which of course is much more expensive to run. In the summer open some windows during the evening hours to cool off the house, then circulate that cool air with ceiling fans during the day.

camping_tentsCamping Equipment
A family vacation can be expensive, very expensive. You have hotel cost, restaurant costs, airline, and attractions fees. The bill can really add up. If your goal is to spend quality time with your family, consider investing in camping equipment. A one time investment that can be made at the end of the season can provide years of family fun. Camp ground fees vary quite a bit but range from around 5-20 dollars per night, compare that with a standard hotel starting in the neighborhood of 89.00 dollars per night depending on where you are and when your there.
I was able to purchase a very nice two room 6 person tent that normally sells for 150 dollars. I got  it for 30 dollars late in the season on a close out. I was also able to purchase  a four man inflatable canoe boat, end of season marked down from 99.99 to only 10 dollars.

In the end there are plenty of ways to spend, but spending smart can often lead to the biggest savings.  Make sure to add your ideas to the comment section below, and thanks for stopping by.

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