The contrast of making money, is it simply a matter of perspective.

inspirationA bit of inspiration and a question
Really making money or accomplishing anything for that matter is simply about perspective. I talked the other day about my wife having surgery. She is doing well and is feeling much better.

While we were at the hospital I had nothing but time to analyze every situation I was in, and every person, their job, and if they enjoyed, what they were doing, everything.

I looked at the buildings that surrounded me, who built them, the street and their lines, the bushes and who trimmed them, the mod grass. I looked at the cars and how clean they were cleaned, who was performing this work to keep everything running smoothly.

While in this heightened state of awareness of my surroundings I looked at who was doing what and if they enjoyed it, how much they made and if they took pride in their work. One thing I noticed; My wife and I walked into the hospital coffee shop, I noticed on the way the person delivering the mail, doctors on the way to their offices, and even the man who took the tickets on the way into the parking structure. But, this one little coffee shop stood out above everything else. What was inspiring about this coffee shop were the the two young women who worked there, and how they enjoyed what they were doing. The music was up loud, it was 10:00 and they seemed to enjoy taking the orders of the day, they had an excitement that didn’t exist anywhere else in the hospital.

This little coffee shop was a hip little place, the two young women were both attractive, and only gaging from the way they took orders, their alertness, and attitude, they seemed intelligent. I started to wonder if this was a place they owned or if only a place they worked. At that point I analyzed even further that it could be an either or situation.

Either one of these women could have ended up in this place by happenstance, meaning that they could have been hired to do a job and were wrapped up in the atmosphere, or this could easily be an endeavor they took on purely out of desire to own a business and wanted to see it succeed.

I guess that at that point I had an epiphany of sorts I realized that anyone who had the desire, could do anything they desired. It’s for the most part simply a matter of willingness to do whatever it takes to get something accomplished.

These two women easily ran the coffee shop, whether they were doing it for themselves or for someone else remains the question. But, they could have easily been working for themselves.

So the only question is why, if they were working for someone else, and they had the capacity to own and operate this business, why were they doing it, why were they doing it for someone else?

If they owned it, how far had they taken it, how far could they take it? Was it a national chain; was this just one little shop in many? If they owned it how many other coffee shops did they own? How many could they operate if they didn’t, what is their potential?

The reason I write this story, this observation is simple. It serves one purpose. If it’s all only a matter of perspective, how can we change our perspective to accomplish the things we all desire. We all desire to be successful, to one degree or another. we want to be wealthy independent. The question is how can we accomplish this. Can we succeed with the same amount of effort, perhaps a little more, but have a change in perspective? Did they own this coffee shop as they so clearly had the potential, could you own and operate the business that you’re in, should you be working for someone else or could you work for yourself?

Could you change your perspective?

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