The Doorbell & Peephole Business

The DoorBell & Peephole Business
Door to door sales use to be a much bigger industry than it is now. Once upon a time the doorbell would ring and a man would be waiting in a suit and tie wielding a kirby vacuum cleaner, a collection of encyclopedia’s or a miracle carpet cleaning kit.  Those days have gone by the way side but there is still real money to be made.

The Doorbell & Peephole Business
The doorbell business is quite an easy business to get started with, a unique way to generate income and can potentially lead to 200-300 dollars a day.

What you need to get started.
You’ll be doing some small electrical work but it’s simple to say the least. You should consider being licensed, bonded and insured but I have to say that this is as simple as attaching two wires and hardly requires a degree in electrical engeneering. Read about How to install a Doorbell & How to install a eye peephole


Basic tools of the trade
Screw Drivers both flat head and phillips
A roll of electrical tape
Basic wiring
Wiring caps
Wire cutters, and plyers
For the peep hole
You will need a drill
and measuring tape

Getting Started:
Getting started with this business is quite easy. You’ll simply need to invest in the required tools and find a quality wholesales for the doorbell covers and eye peepholes. Here’s what your looking for but you may be able to find a better price with some research DoorBells & Peepholes

kokopelliIt seems that each area has it’s own unique theme. In Arizona it’s kokopelli’s and cactus, in Southern California you’ll see palm trees, whales and dolphins, and in the Northwest, pine trees, bears, and fish are the way to go. Find out what theme works best in your area as this is your sales angle.

You can start with as little as 5 doorbells and 5 peep holes. You can purchase more with your profits. But if a budget is a concern you’ll be happy to know you can start relatively small.

The angle is home improvement and home value. The sales script revolves around the cute uniqueness of the ornamental fixtures you’re offering.

Cost and Profits, How much can you make?
Generally speaking you should be able to attain a high quality doorbell cover wholesale for less than 10 dollars and a similar price for the matching peephole. With a total cost of less than 20 dollars, and much less when you start buying in larger bulk. The average sale price of a combination set installed is 69.95 to 99.95 On average you should be able to sell and install a minimum of 5 sets per day with an average profit of around 250.00 dollars per day, or 50 dollars per sale on the low end.

General Tips
As with any door to door sale you should always dress nicely, have a friendly demeanor, and a superior sales script. With this type of sale you should probably be using a drop close sales technique. Basically start with a higher price, have emphasis on installing as many as possible and the need to liquidate your products, for me, getting people excited about a product is one of the best methods.

Pay attention to details
If you have a customer and happen to notice the theme of the home is, for example frogs and if you have a frog doorbell cover you’ll pretty much be writing a receipt. If you knock on the door and are greeted with 5 cocker spaniels you should probably pitch your dog lovers doorbell cover.

With door to door sales of this type, when possible, you should stick to higher end housing tracts, and condominiums. Condominium owners don’t have too many ways to customize the outside of there home and will do so in any way possible. People often feel the same way in tract homes because they are so standardized they often want to make their home different from the rest.

While you’re there expand your business:
Although it’s a complete business in and of itself there are additional offering that can be made and up sold to your customers. You could consider up-selling custom address plaques, door knockers, and even keep on hand simple basic doorbells and peepholes for those that aren’t going to purchase the decorative offerings. You can even offer a doorbell repair service perhaps starting at only 10 dollars.

If you’re going to make these additional offering available please don’t make the mistake of going straight to your cheapest item purely out of the fear of selling. I’ve seen this happen many time and it’s one of the biggest mistakes that people make while selling.

This can be quite a profitable business if your bold and willing to knock on doors. I’ve seen entire areas loaded to the hilt with these decorative doorbells. In some cases almost every house had one. Each who had one paid 69.95.

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  1. Marques says:

    I’ve worked in retail a while and though it hasn’t been many, there have been a few customers who will try to scam the store with the intent for self benefit. What is recommended so that this doesn’t happen to me a small peephole business owner looking to get started? I have installed my own peephole without error, but I could see someone claiming that although the job was done appropriately, they would like a new door or something outragous. Thanks.


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