How to Start a Junk Business – Low Cost Home Business – Big Profits

6232231The Junk Business = Big Profits!
If you need to go to work and don’t have a lot of money to get started or  if you’re having trouble finding a job and simply want to make some extra money on the weekends, the junk business is definitely worth considering as a small business opportunity.

Start-up cost to get started in the junk business:
The cost to get started in the junk business varies greatly, but at a minimum you need a vehicle that can haul debris.  Weather it’s a pickup truck or a large open-top trailer that can be pulled behind your vehicle,  you will need something to move junk. It’s a must have to get started.

If you already have a vehicle that can perform this work than you’re on your way. If not then you should be able to locate one for as little as 600.00 for an older model junk truck.

Rubber gloves
Trash Cans
Protective Clothing
Push Broom
Elbow Grease

Why Junk
Getting started in the junk business is quite simple but the work is hard and it can pay quite well. In this case simply owning a truck and the having the willingness to work hard can go far. Most people have junk and in some cases, lots of junk. In this day and age in a consumer society we all buy stuff. With the Wal-Marts and Costco sprekling every neighborhood across the US and the World we are all constantly stocking up on new stuff as our old stuff becomes less valuable and eventually becomes junk that we no longer wish to own.

Our appliances go out and we buy new ones. We do some remodeling on our homes and toss out the old material. Basically the junk is constantly adding up. We fill the garage and attic. We fill our closets and in many cases we even rent storage unites just to contain all the stuff that we have.

This business is growing by leaps and bounds in nearly every city in the United States. With the economy going belly up, the junk business is actually growing. Unfortunitly with more and more people being evicted from there homes and leaving their stuff behind, this leaves landlords in a bit of a learch. The landlord has to clear the apartments, condo’s, and homes in order to get them rented again. In other cases where a home is foreclosed on the bank is hiring out this service. Still in other cases when a real estate agent is charged with selling a home that is still full of stuff left behind, they too need a way to remove all of the excess junk. The agent will either pass the cost on to the person who owns the home or will pay for the service themselves in order to make the sale.

How to get started:
Once you have your truck and supplies together, it’s simply a matter of finding customers. In this business it pays to advertise your services on local bulletin boards, classified ads in the local newspaper, and with flyer’s.
But don’t stop there, with the junk business you need to go a step further and talk to the people that know about the jobs that need to be cleaned.

You’ll want to get out and talk to every property management company, talk to apartment complex managers, and as many real estate agents as possible. Even further than that you should contact construction management companies because they often hire out the clean up portion of any construction project. Contact private storage facilities as well for potential storage clean-out. Each and every month they have storage renters that default on their rental agreement and the storage owners have the unites cleared out.

Most clean-up jobs are done on the basis that everything must be removed and in most cases, especially with rental and storage clean-outs there is plenty of good stuff mixed in with the junk. Most owners will allow you to keep whatever you like from the items that were left behind. This allows you to gain a second stream of income  by selling off the extras.

If you can get started with a trusted friend as a business partner it will help. Many junk clean-outs are all about hard work and heavy lifting. It helps to have a second person to assist with the heavier items.

How to make it in the Salvage and Junk Business

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    I want to start up this junk business and i don’t have a car yet but am interested in it how do i start and how will i get buyers since i live in Abuja Nigeria?

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