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italian-sandwichThe Sandwich Business.
If you’re one who enjoys working with food and interacting with people this may be the small business for you.

The Sandwich Business is about providing superior breakfast, and lunches in a convenient way to employees of all types, whether in an office environment, industrial zone, or construction site. They all need to eat and enjoy good food.

Cost Supplies to get started
Minimal: 200.00 more or less depending on how you would like to get started.

Food Ingredients (sandwich makings, snack, drinks, etc)
A Large Ice Chest or Two
A Basket or Cart
Multi colored plastic wrap (decorative)
Plastic Utensils: Sporks, Forks, & Knives
Single serving condiments, such as mayonnaise, mustard, etc

How to get started:
Getting started with this business can be as simple as making up a basket. A variety of different types of sandwiches, deserts, chips, drinks and other various snacks. Once you have that done it’s simply a matter of letting people know that you are  in business.

Through the years at different places I’ve worked this service has been available in one form or another and provided an excellent convenience to myself and the other employees I’ve worked with. This services takes on many shapes and sixes. The simplest being when I worked for a young woman who had a nice basket with a variety of items available would stop in at each department and show us the daily selection. Without a doubt each and every day she would show up at around 10:00 and was sure to make a sale or two at each stop.

It’s not difficult to get permission from a business owner to make your product available. This provides a convenience to his/her employees and keeps the employee on the job site. Most business owners and managers are more than willing to help out a small businessman.

With the sandwich service you’ll first want to establish a route, one that will keep you on schedule. You’ll want to plan your route in accordance to break times at different offices and work sites. If you’re there everyday at about the same time, people will begin to become dependant on your service and will start to count on you being there with their daily breakfast, mid-morning snack or lunch. It’s imperative that you be dependable with your service.

Don’t be afraid to ask your customers their advice about what they enjoy about your offerings and what they would like to have or not have. This way you can begin to optimizes your offering and increase the amount you sell each day.

paula-deen-sonsDon’t forget Paula Dean of Food Network fame started her amazing career with the sandwich business. She would prepare meals and had her sons deliver them to businesses and offices in the area. Read more about Paula Dean

Tips & Advice:
Consider choosing  specific genres of foods to offer your customers. In some areas Mexican food might be your biggest seller and in other areas you may consider offering a barbeque selection. Still other areas may be more traditional. In southern California you will go far with a slice of avocado and sprouts as an additional topping variety for sandwiches.

Be consistent and be persistant as well. Even if you go to a office or job site two or three times without an order don’t stop coming back. Many customers like to see you there a few times before they will begin to order from you. Others will order the very first time you show up.

Be fair with your pricing. You can gain many new customers by simply being competitive with other food services. If they can get a delicious roast beef sandwich for around the same price they would pay for a meal at some fast food place they are more likely to buy from you because your offering is more wholesome, healthier and probably tastes a lot better.

The sandwich business is an superior business to get started with and can provide years of enjoyment and satisfaction from your work. You will have the option to grow as large as you like, have satisfied customers, new friends and more. This business can grow to any level.

As you start to bring in an income and save for the future your sandwich business will grow with you. Ideas for the future. If you really enjoy working with food and have satisfied customers you can consider expanding in many ways. At first you may grow from a simple basket of food to a delivery cart. From there you may either grow from a cart to a lunch truck or perhaps a catering service.  As you work with customers who enjoy your food, you can let them know that you’re offering catering services. Someone is always getting married or having an anniversary or birthday party. As you grow your customer base you can grow your services as well. The skies the limit with the sandwich business!

To you success and good luck!

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