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window_washingThe Window Cleaning Business
The window cleaning business can be quite lucrative, if your having trouble finding a job or are just in the market to start your own business this is definitely worth considering.

If there’s one fact that remains a constant it’s that windows get dirty and are difficult to keep clean. The window washing business is a self replenishing business. Another important fact of this business is there are lots of windows in our modern world. Every business, office, and in fact nearly every building in general is stocked full of windows.

Cost 100.00 and up
The cost to get started in this business varies greatly but can be started with a minimal investment.

Hand held washer
window cleaning solution
Window scraper
Extender polls
You can purchase a complete, professional window cleaning kit here for only 75.00 in the United States

How to get started
A window cleaning service is one of the easiest businesses to get off the ground, and will start generating income the very first day you’re in business. For most people the thought of having to clean windows is a dreaded task, and most are more than happy to hire this service out to a professional and at quite a premium.

Professional window cleaners use a method which reduces the work load, speeds up the process, and nets cleaner windows faster. In this business the tools matter. If you invest in the correct tools upfront you will generate more income simply because you will have the ability to take on more work.

The Process
Rather than explain the process in words this video provides an excellent illustration of the the correct way to clean a window.

Source (YouTube)

Getting Customers:
As with any business gaining customers is going to be the key to your success. With this business simply having the tools to do the job and letting people know about your service is all it takes.

Knocking on doors is always an excellent way to gain new customers, it’s easy to tell who you should be talking to because they have dirty windows. But that doesn’t mean that you should avoid talking to people who have clean window as well, after all you already know that they like clean windows and if you let them know about your services they could easily become your best customers.

Make up a batch of business card and at the same time consider preparing a run of flyer’s as well. Perhaps offering a coupon discount on the flyer and an even larger discount if the customer is willing to refer you more work. If you do a quality job, are consistent, and show up on time. Your customers will almost always let someone else know about you.

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