How to get started with a lawn/landscaping service and cash in!

lawnmowerGetting started with your own lawn service is quite simple, has a relativity low start up cost, and allows a person who enjoys working outside to do just that. During the spring, summer, and fall, there’s plenty of outdoor yard work to be done. It’s hard work but can be quite rewarding, and profitable at the same time.
This business can grow exponentiation.

Cost 300.00 more or depending on the quality of the supplies: You can purchase used supplies to
save on the start-up costs

Supplies to get started:
Lawn Mower
Weed Eater
pruning shears
Gloves & Safety equipment

A lawn service/landscaping business is relativity self explanatory, you’ll be maintaining the care of lawns, and landscaping for homes & businesses. Mowing lawns, edging, weed eating, pruning bushes, raking, etc.

This business can be done on a variety of levels depending on your skill, and available equipment. It can be offered as a simple lawn service, which includes mowing the lawn, edging and weed eating. Or, on the level of installing lawn, landscaping features, planting trees, and more. As your business grows the number of services you can offer will grow as well.

Gaining new customers in the business is quite simple, most everyone enjoys a well maintained lawn but not everyone, in fact many people simply don’t have the time too keep it up themselves. In those cases they hireĀ outĀ the service. As with many small businesses that I’ve talked about, this small business is as simple to get started as letting people know that you have a service, are a hard worker, and are dependable.

Dependability in this business is key. As I mentioned this business is quite simple to get started with, and as a result many people who get started in this business are simply not dependable. Of course that’s not to say everyone in this business in undependable, it is simple to say that if your serious, and are a hard worker you can gain many new contract simply by being dependable, on time each week, and doing quality work.

How to advertise:
Post advertisements on local message and bulletin boards like you would find at the local grocery, and hardware stores. Make a run of flyers that can be distributed to homes and businesses in your area.
Go door to door and let people know about your business, many people don’t realize the power of going door to door with certain businesses, just one day of knocking on doors can net you a minimum of 4 new customers a day.

When you have a customer, knock on the near by neighbor doors and let them know about your service. Ask for referrals from your customers. Always keep a stack of business cards handy to pass out to potential customers.

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8 Responses

  1. John says:

    Gloves & Safety equipment

    Don’t forget, really thick shoes! And, never mow down hill.

  2. simply by being dependable, on time each week and doing quality work.

  3. we always redo our landscape every 2 or 3 months to adapt to the changing weather.*’*

  4. it is a bit expensive to have a landscaping these days but it is always necessary to beautify your home,`.

  5. landscaping is my favorite hobby today, i like to decorate our backyard with carpets and stuffs,,.

  6. my father is very good in landscaping and he specializes on carpet layout,-.

  7. I used to do landscaping. I enjoy doing windows more. Nice post though

  8. landscaping can give a great look to the garden lawn that is why i a change in landscape each year ~'”

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