5 More ways to make money online

5 More Ways to Make Money Online

As I mentioned in 5 Ways to make money online there are literally  a  ton of interesting ways to make money on the web. Here’s five tips to earn money online.

How to make money writing article online
There’s currently a boom in the article writing industry. If you enjoy writing articles and have a talent with words then you can certainly use this talent to make some money online.

If your dedicated, fast and write interesting content you feel people will enjoy, you can in time create an entire income just from writing articles.  There are several options when it comes to making money with your writing skills. Read More

Amazon Mechanical Turk
MTURK an Amazon website with a unique way to generate some extra income in your spare time. It’s part of the Amazon Network lists small tasks that need to be completed by a number of providers. They pay everyone willing to complete a  task a cash value. You can do as many task as you like.


Each task pays anywhere from 0.01 cent to 10.00 depending on the level of complexity and time required. The tasks vary from writing reviews on products and services, entering comments on forums on a particular subject, making an interesting video, or simply giving your answer to a particular question. Where’s your favorite place to shop for electronic accessories? .10 cents. What’s your favorite store to buy jeans and why, another 10 cents. Playing a new online poker game will earn you 2.50 (you have to reach level 3 in order to get paid) and transcribing a five  minute clip pays 2 bucks. Those are just a few examples of whats available on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Sell Your Digital Photos Online
If you enjoy taking photos with your digital camera or already have a collection of photos in your portfolio that you would like to sell for a profit; iStockPhoto.com just might be the place for you to add an additional income stream.

On average selling photos online is paid per download, usually .25 cents per download or a percentage of the price paid for the photo.

If selling photography sounds like something that interests you, then you should also consider selling your photos at ShutterPoint.comFotolia.com and dreamstime.com as well.

Start a Website Hosting Company/Domain Registrar the Easy Way
Becoming you’re own domain registrar and hosting company is much easier than you may think. This is based on affiliate marketing but taken to a new level, you will be starting an entire store not simple putting ads and banners on your personal website promoting someone else’s Read More

Help Others with their Companies Name and Online Presents
If your creative at coming up with domain names or have a talent for marketing, here’s an interesting way to generate some extra income. PickyDomains.com allows you to contribute domain name ideas for their clients. When your domain are chosen you’ll be paid 12.50 per domain 50% of the total fee of 25.00. If you have a talent for designing logos, try working with Logoworks.com or  DesignOutpost.com

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