Start a Pool Cleaning Service

How to get started with a pool cleaning service.

If you enjoy water and working outside, the pool cleaning service could be just the business for you! Some what seasonal in certain areas but pleasant and enjoyable work that can be quite profitable.

Here’s what you need to get started in the pool cleaning service.
pool400.00 or less to get started

Extension poles
Variety of pool skimmers
scrubbing brushes
pool chemicals, chlorine, acid etc…
pool vacuum
chemical testing kit

A vehicle that can carry your cleaning supplies such as a small van or pick-up truck is crucial.

What’s involved?
Your job will be to make sure the water in the pool and the surrounding areas are clean, safe, and chemically balanced.
Generally this maintenance is performed on a weekly basis. You will be skimming the pool of debris, vacuuming sunken debris, scrubbing spots that develop, and test, treating, & balancing pool chemicals.

It’s recommended that you have some experience with pools before you get started in you’re own business. If you’ve previously had a pool, such as a back yard pool that you maintained, that experience should suffice, if you haven’t it’s recommend that you find a position assisting a local pool cleaner for several months prior to starting you own service.

Pool cleaning is often performed during spring and summer, in many areas it’s seasonal work. Some pool cleaners can make their entire years salary during these months, others supplement their income with other seasonal work such as chimney sweeping and show shoveling, as well as many others.

Gaining customers
Attracting new customers can be challenging during the first few months of starting this business. Your clientele can be composed of both private homes and businesses, such as hotel and motels, public pools etc.

Consider using google earth to locate homes that have pools in your area, visit these homes directly and make your presentation, it’s a great idea to offer a discount to potential new customers. Make a run of flyer’s and business cards to be passed out to potential customers, always ask for referrals from your current customers.
Talk to other pool cleaners in your area, perhaps they have over flow work, they would be willing to pass on to you.
Visit pool cleaning supply stores for potential networking and new customers.

The goal is to establish a weekly route of existing customers, always do quality work and be on time. Go above and beyond, learn how to work repair and maintain pool filtration systems, gain a working knowledge on how to repair cracks in pool plaster and vinyl. Keep a large push broom on hand in case the pool area needs to be swept, realign pool chairs and loungesĀ and pick up pool toys.

In some area’s in order to perform this service it’s necessary to be certified. Please check your local areas laws regarding certification.

To Your Success, Good Luck!

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