How to Write eBooks That Sell, a Great Way to Make Money Online!

ebookThe ebook revolution is not over and you can still make plenty of money from them.  At the time of the eBook boom the knowledge of just how much money you could make was kept quite secret.

You may or may not know that certain ebook sellers were bringing in up to 30,000 dollars a month with simple automated systems. I know it’s quite unbelievable but its true none the less. Even now that the eBook revolution has changed, there’s still great money to be made. Yes you could, if done correctly, replace you’re day job with this business alone.

If you have quality information that would benefit someone, then it’s valuable and people will pay you for the knowledge.

eBooks are just like real books they only matter when they have good content. If they have good content they will fly off the shelves, even today.

How to Sell eBooks Online
There are many ways to sell ebooks online these days. Let’s get into the nuts and bolts of the business and how you can start making money.

First it’s important to know that if there is money to be made people will get involved. This is key, because many of the most profitable eBook sellers today have a large number of distributors selling their ebooks for a commission. It’s not that difficult to find sellers thanks to ClickBank.

Many times on the web you’ve probably come across pages that look like this This s a typical Clickbank eBook page. Take a look! Do you recognize the format?

If you land on a page like this it’s because you may have clicked on a link from a lead page. It could be a link from a blog, ezine article or just about anywhere else. The reason that you’re coming across these pages is simply because of ClickBank. They are middleman between ebook writers and ebook sellers.

The books most often sell for 20.00 to 100.00 with the most common price being in the neighborhood of $50.00. Generally speaking if an ebook writer/publisher is selling a book for that price, they have no problem paying a commission to the person generating the sale. They often pay a rather large commission of $20-30.00. in some cases 75%. That’s where the motivation to sell ebook comes from.

The majority of individuals that get involved with ClickBank are sellers. They’re enticed by the large commissions that can be generated. In fact if you have the means, selling ebook via clickbank can be quite profitable.  However, the real money is made when you start creating your own ebooks and finding sellers to distribute them.

As a writer/publisher of ebooks you’ll be finding many sellers who make a sale or two for you and occasionally you’ll find an excellent seller that can produce many sales. Either way because of the large commissions you’re able to bring in a large sales staff. All making a few sales before they move on and at the same time you’re finding sellers who have the ability to sell a lot of books.

Desperate Buyers Only!
You should always write the needs not the wants, solve problems. An example of this would be the toothache senario. A person who has a dire toothache is more willing to buy information on how to cure a toothache instantly than a person that wants to learn how to take better pictures with their digital camera.  They may want to take a better picture but they NEED to cure  their toothache.

Affiliate Marketing Within Your eBook
Depending on the content of your ebook you can promote other products and include affiliate marketing links to other programs that may be of interest to the readers of the book. Many times you’ll find that the author of the eBook allows you to to give the book to friends and family. This is because by virally spreading it, they are generating even more income via click through on the affiliated links.

Free Books Make Money
The fact is that even free books can generate an income. Write quality ebooks with affiliate links sprinkled through out; Then give the books to as many people as possible and let them know that they are free to either sell or distribute the book any way they like. Make sure to write a disclaimer stating that the content of the book must not be changed, this is done in an effort to keep your affiliate links intact. If you distribute the ebooks via nonwritable pdf format it will help keep the content from being changed.

Additional ways to sell eBooks
1. Create an Adwords campaign and a promotional website offering your eBook. Make the page as exciting as possible and use other successful sales content as a guide. made popular by Alexis has been highly successful on the web. If you’re planning on writing sales content, this is a great reference.

2. Ebay has a million ebooks for sale and guess what? They still sell. I’ve sold many. My most popular was 25 Things that sell on eBay that don’t cost anything. If you write your own ebooks and focus on great content,  you’ll get quality feedback and sell more books.

Regarding eBay, several months ago, nearly a year ago in fact eBay changed it’s policy on selling eBooks. You now have to deliver the ebook on a digital cd. Most ebook sellers quit when this new policy was introduced because they had it on auto pilot. Automatic auctions and automatic email delivery. That policy change took out a lot of the competition. If you’re willing to burn an eBook onto cd, you can still generate a good amount of money with ebooks. The real secret to making money on ebay with ebooks is, it’s important to feature the book, that’s the big secret most people never figure out when selling ebooks on eBay.  Just study this sellers sales techniques.  (I haven’t read this ebook or purchased it, this isn’t a recommendation)

In addition to ebay there are many other auction sites that you can promote your ebook. cConsider adding it to

3. Offer your eBooks on your own personal or business website. Readers that like your content are likely to buy your eBook. See ZenHabits for an example. He has lots of loyal readers and many of them have purchased his eBook. They already know they like his content, so buying the book is a no brainer.

4. Contact websites owners and offer them a commission for every ebook they sell via a link or banner add on their website. Of course you should only contact website owners that have similar content as to the topic of your ebook.

5. There are many forums that have buy/sell/trade sections. They can serve as an excellent addition to marketing your ebook as well. Buy/Sell/Trade

6. If you intend on making money with free ebooks that feature affiliate links, consider adding you book to

The key to making money with ebooks is writing great content and marketing it well. It’s important to have good content; not only because 99% of ebooks come with a money back guarantee, but because if a reader likes your content they will buy more in the future. Return customers are the best kind of customers.

The fact is there are many way to go about marketing your ebook, the great news is once you’ve written it, all you have to do is sell it and if it’s a hit others will do it for you. Work once, and profit for lifetime.

More great news, the eBook business has matured over the years and it’s set to grow again thanks in part to the popularity of the Amazon Kindle the Sony Reader and smart phones as well as other digital ebook reading devices.

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