Adsense for Google Maps is Available


AdSense For Google Maps 

I want to share with you something interesting I recently came across that I don’t think many people know is available yet.

If you use AdSense for income then you may be excited to know that Google has introduced an exciting new feature for maps, a new way to generate income.

AdSense for Google Maps is already in place but is not currently being offered as a option in the AdSense control panel.

Let me explain how you can implement it and how to start generating income with this new cool feature.

First let me show you how AdSense appears on the map and how it changes based on the location. As you drag the map around using your mouse you will notice that the ads that appear, change based on the visible location on the map.

If you have any trouble seeing the map click here.

As you scroll the advertisements change based on the location you’re viewing.
That’s intelligent and extremely useful for anyone using the map.

[iframe 525 525]

If you not currently familiar with Google maps and how you can use them to benefit your customers as well as yourself let me give you a quick background and some links to study up on.

Google maps code is an open source framework that allows you to create you’re own maps. You can learn more about Google Code here and more about Google Map API Here. The Maps API is full of features. You can manipulate just about every aspect to create custom map interfaces. Google maps has certainly been an excellent feature from google and has helped many people find there way.

It’s already a great feature but now you can monetize it.

I don’t think the majority of  webmasters and blogger know about this yet because it’s not available directly from your AdSense account.

This is the important part. How can you start using it right now on your own website or blog?
First off you won’t have to know how to write google code and you don’t have to be an advanced programmer to get started. However you will need a few things in order for this to work for you.

1. You will need a google maps api key. You can get one here. Don’t worry it like applying for a home loan these keys are approved instantly: Google simply wants to know the location url where it’s being used.

2. You’ll also need an AdSense account in order to generate the ad code. You’ll have to add the pub number directly to the code. Don’t worry it’s easy. You can go here right click and look at my code in order to see how and where to place it.

All your looking for is this:

// Note: replace this publisher ID with your own.       var publisherID = 'ca-pub-2945292280083375'; 
All you have to do is replace my pub number with yours.

You can find your pub number by logging into your AdSense account and clicking “My Account” scroll down to the bottom of the page and you’ll find a list of pub numbers; You want to choose the AdSense for content number.

Now a quick step by step.
I mentioned that you won’t need to know how to code with the google maps api to get started but you will need to educate yourself with it if you intend on creating your own custom maps.

In order to have this work you’re not going to be able to use simple maps without a “special piece of code”. You can find it here: Google Maps Adsense Code

If you feel intimidated by code in any way, don’t worry all you have to do is a bit of copy and paste maneuvers. It’s ok to take the code, your not stealing. It’s open source and google allows you to use the code, in fact they even say state that you can use the Completed Examples Codeon your own website as long as it’s not a paid membership site. You’ll notice on the google maps AdSense code page a number of examples for you to click on.

Once you’ve found an example map that you would like to use, simply “right click” select “view source” and copy the code, make sure to get all of it.

Next, simply replace the pub number as mentioned above with your own.

Finally replace the google api key number with you own. Choose where to place it on your site and your done. You’ve got maps complete with AdSense ads.

Get started right now and be one of the first to use it.

Good luck, have fun and to your success.

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