It’s an excellent time to make some extra cash.

Big Discounts Lead To Big Profits

falling-prices1Right now is an excellent time to make some extra cash. With the weather and seasons changing the big chain stores are starting to close out all the summer merchandise and bringing in all the winter supplies. This is probably one the the best opportunities of the year to cash in.

Today I was down at Wal-Mart with my wife to return some tire patch kits that just wouldn’t work and exchange it for a new gel seat cover for my wifes bike. While we were passing the toy section we noticed that it’s that time of year again.

They start closing out summer items at massive discounts but in the mix of all the seasonal items they also had quite a a variety non seasonal items deeply discounted as well.

Here’s a few examples of what we saw. All the pool equipment, including kids little pool sets and toys, water skateboards, 15.00 reduced to 3 to 4.00 all sorts of new digital games including some Japanese robot dog thing that plays music 20 bucks to 4 bucks. There were all kinds of amazing deal.

We didn’t stock up but we did notice that there were several Barbie Doll House accessory 50 piece sets available marked down from 34.99 to 7.00 we’ve had good results with anything Barbie on eBay in the past so we picked up a few. Turned out when we got to the register they were actually marked down to 4.00, that’s a 30 dollar savings. We checked em out on eBay when we got home and found that they sell all day long for 35 to 40.00 + 15 for shipping so today we’ve potentially made an extra 70 dollars just for those two simple purchases.

If you willing as we have done in the past, stock up now on all the seasonal items as well and wait till the onset of summer again, you can generate huge profits as everything will go right back to retail when summer rolls around again.

Last year we were able to pick up Dickies Cellphone shorts, marked down to a dollar per pair, and bundles and bundles of water shoes for a quarter a pair. The water shoes sell for 5.00 a piece.

Last winter we bought all kinds of wither hats and gloves embroidered with Spiderman, and other designs. We paid 25 cents per set including gloves. Waited until the next winter and were able to sell them for 10.00 bucks a set.

Wal-Mart, Target, Sears, and just about every other large retail chain store basically becomes a wholesale distributor several times a year for those who are willing to hold onto the items till the next time the season comes around again. So stock up now and make some extra cash!

To your success, good luck!

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