Parking lot striping business

Parking Lot Line Striping Business

Parking Lot line stripping is a business that you can get started in almost immediately. It’s easy to do and has a low start-up cost.

Most home based businesses I talk about on are businesses that you can start on a shoe string budget but at the same time have the potential to bring in big profits. The parking lot line striping business is no exception.

With a small truck or minivan or even a car that can carry the supplies you’re already half way there.


What you need to get started.
This small business can be performed with a variety of tools. You don’t have to have the professional line striping  equipment to get started although it will make your job easier it’s something you can work toward and purchase with your profits.

If you on a budget and want to get started you simply need a line striping stencil that will allow you to paint lines on parking lots.

When I did the line striping I used a template made from from two long 2 x 4’s  nailed into the form of a parking lot strip. I don’t recommend this if you’re going to have to transport it  from job to job. It would be easier to create a template from a long roll of semi-hard plastic where a line can be cut out and the plastic can rolled up at the end of the day. After you’ve completed your first or second parking lot job you’ll have the profits you’ll need to move up the ladder and purchase a proper line striping machine.

This tool wasn’t available to me when I was doing this business but I just found a machine
that will make your job much easier and the great part is it’s only 119.00 70.95

Additionally you’ll need a supply of exterior paint. If you’re using the machine you will need to purchase the paint the machine is designed to use.

You’ll need a T-Square, and a few large push brooms. That’s about it. Like I mentioned this business is as simple as painting lines on parking lots.

As you work your way up and have completed several small jobs when you can see a profit you can easily upgrade your tools and equipment. Or if you’re already in a position to spend the money you can purchase the more professional equipment right away.

Additional services you can offer as your business grows are spray blacktopping and pothole repair. Additional services equal more money.

Businesses are interested in this service because it makes them look more professional, clean, and improves the businesses curb appeal.

In certain cases you’ll have the need to add additional parking lot markings such as handicapped, no parking, etc. There are a number of places you can purchase these stencils for quite a reasonable price.

Although this business is so easy to start and has such a low start-up cost, you can start generating big profits right away. If you were looking for a way to generate 50-100.00 dollars per hour this business might be right up your alley.

Good Luck and to Your Success.
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