Tips on saving money

Top 10 Must Have Free Programs That Can Save You Money

Just about every commercial software product has a high quality Open Source or otherwise free commercial counter part and in many cases they are either just as good as the pricey version and sometimes even better. The only difference is the Open Source version is free and can save you money, lot’s of money. More

Make your own greeting cards
Today we were out choosing the best card for my wife’s father on Fathers Day. He’s an interesting man, a great guy and deserves an excellent card, but as with anyone it’s difficult to sum someone up in the card isle in the grocery store. More

Candle Light
This afternoon my wife had surgery. She was having gas pain, not the typical gas pain that someone may have and could take gas-x to relieve but instead carbon dioxide gas that’s used to extend a persons stomach during surgery. More

Spending to Save
As we all know there are tons of great ways to reduce, reuse and save. But, sometimes you have to spend money to save money. For example some of us spend a great deal of money More

45 Unique ways to save money
There are so many ways to save around the house and in life. Here’s 45 great ways, feel free to add your own in the comment section at the end of the list. 🙂 1.  Use vinegar. Vinegar is useful in so many… More

Ask for discounts!
Ask for a discount, and you’ll almost always get a discount!

When your out shopping and want to save money, it never hurts to ask for a discount. I’m not sure why but many people associate this with begging for one reason or another, but I see it a bit differently. I’ve sold many things in the past and I know that there are many times that I choose a price but would be happy to consider an offer… More

Make your own pet food & save money
If you’re like me your always looking for great ways to cut down on waste and save some money. Pet food can be quite a cost and if you have dog’s like I do, one of the favorite activities is eating. Making your own dog food can be a wonderful treat and a fantastic way to save money…. More

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