Choosing A Domain Name for Your Website or Blog

How to Choose and Register a Domain Name
In this section were going to talk about how to choose the best domain name for your website or blog. What tools are available to you that will make the search easier. What your new domain name should consist of and where to register. As well as a few other important tips.

First and foremost your domain name should be:

  • Related to the Topic
  • Easy to Spell
  • Memorable
  • Not confusing – 2 – two – too – to
  • Contain Keywords Related to Your Topic
  • As Short as Possible
  • Not Contain Trademarked Names ie. ( How To Sell On Ebay .com)

How to Choose a Domain
When choosing a domain name for your website, make sure to choose a name that you’re going to be happy with for a long time. Your Domain name is part of the foundation of your website. The domain name is not something you’ll want to change in the future because you will be building links from across the web to this name. It may also be printed on your business cards, stationary etc. A domain name should at all costs be considered permanent.

If your intending on driving traffic to your website via search engine traffic, your domain should contain keywords related to your business or the topic of your website/blog. However if your only catering to locals in your area then your business name would work better as your domain name. For example if your website is going to provide tips and advice on how to plant a garden: or would be better but if your building a website for your local gardening service Named Sallys Gardening then would be better because your building your brand.

Domain Tools
Finding a domain can be difficult but these tools should make it a bit easier. I’ve been working with the domain business for a while now, so here are a few of the best sites to use when finding a domain for your website blog. (a robot service that generates domains based on your keywords) (a powerful tools that allows you to see domains that have recently expired) (a little bit of everything)

Where to Register
Where to register your domain is important because generally speaking you should have your domain registered at the same place where you’ve chosen to have your website hosted. While this is not imperitive it simply makes it easier to have your website and domains managed at the same place.

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