Choosing A Topic for Your Website or Blog

Chose a topic – Narrow it Down

Choose a Topic
Choosing a topic is most definitely the most important step in creating your own website or blog because you will be spending a lot of time thinking, writing and researching this idea. It’s important to choose a topic that’s easy for you to approach and topic you enjoy and a topic that’s narrow enough for you to take on.

Choose A Nitch of the Topic
When you’re choosing a topic for your website I recommend narrowing it down to a specific idea within a topic. This is very important because just like when you’re sitting down to a big meal often our eyes are larger than our stomach’s. This is often true when it comes to choosing a topic for our websites and blogs. Any idea should be reduced down to its smallest part.

Only Consider Cost Per Click  When You’ve Narrowed it Down
If you’re goal is to make money with your website then it’s important to know that different topics pay different amounts of money when it come to the ads that will be generated on your website via Google Adsense and other advertising programs. While it’s certainly important to consider this, it should not be the deciding factor in choosing your topic unless you’ve narrowed it down to say two or three ideas that you feel equally passionate about. At that point you can take a look at how each topic varies in pay and allow that to help you choose your final topic.

For example if parenting, exercising, and cooking are equally interesting to you then you could consider which topic pays more but again each of those topics should be narrowed down as well. But let’s take a look at pay via Adsense.

Parenting Advice 2.92 CPC

Exercise 1.66 CPC

Cooking 1.92 CPC

But liked I mentioned narrow it down because if you were to choose cooking:

Cooking Schools: has a lot less competition and pays 13.52 Per Click

See This Chart Related to CPC Within the Cooking Topic

Click to Enlarge

Note CPC = Cost Per Click

Remember choose a topic that you can write freely about, one that you enjoy, and feel comfortable with. Only consider the cost per click once you’ve narrowed it down and are choosing from your final list.

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