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google checkHow to Make Money with Google Adsense
I’m expecting another check to come in the mail today from Google Adsense. Not a big one but will be over 100.00 dollars. I’m not going to be retiring today but still it’s a 100 I didn’t have. (Mail just came it’s 100.15)

If you too want to start receiving checks from google and the potential to grow those checks you can find out here.

There are actually many ways to advertise with Google Adsense but the best is to have you’re own website or blog.

How to get a blog.
There are many places on the web that offer blogging services and software. I personally recommend owning your own blog but if you have a lot on your mind and want to get started right now consider the following.

Own Your Own Blog
Like I mentioned it’s better to own your own blog rather than create a blog on a blogging service or you can do both. What I mean when I say own your own blog or website for that matter is to choose a hosting service, choose a domain name and install blogging software from which there are many to choose from. I choose wordpress every time because it’s easy to maintain and focus on writing content, there are plenty of themes to choose from for the look and feel, and an array of plug-ins to install. Plug-ins simply add functionality and optimization to your site.

Choose a topic! (don’t take this step lightly you will be writing a lot about it)
There’s a lot of debate about how to choose a topic to blog about because some topics pay more than others when it comes to the ads that will be generated on your website or blog. But, I’d have to say that you should choose a topic that you can write freely about because you will be writing a lot on the topic.

If you decide you want to choose a topic based on the amount the ads will pay (50 Highest Paying Keywords) or if you want to choose a topic based on the number a times an ad is clicked Take A Look Here. But like I mentioned just because purchase structured settlements pays 53 bucks a click (that goes to google, you get a percentage) doesn’t mean you can write about it or even know much about it for that matter(I don’t).

Choose A Nitch!
Still related to choosing a topic, choose a nitch of a topic. Here’s an example: If you’re into fitness and exercise you can talk about the entire topic but that’s a lot to manage because there are so many branches of that topic. You may want to narrow it down to say how to get rock hard abs.

Setting Up Hosting
The easiest, fastest and most efficient way to own your own blog is to choose a hosting provider. There are a million to choose from but I’ve found godaddy to be the best simply because for only 6.95 a month you can host as many websites as you like, if you sell domains it’s easy to move them around. You get unlimited customer service and their always up. Each of the following hosting companies has easy to install blogging software available. If you want to resell hosting you may want to consider if you have any interest in selling domain you should probably go with Godaddy. By the way setting up WordPress with godaddy is just a few clicks and you’re on your way. If you’re not a technical person you can even call them up and have them do it for you. (No Longer Recommend) (No Longer Recommend)
(Note) Since I’ve switched all my hosting to I have to say it’s been the best experience and decision regarding hosting that I’ve had. My sites are much faster and much more reliable. A mega corporation by the name of EIG has purchased most of the “affordable” hosting companies and does not offer fast or reliable hosting. I used godaddy for years but no longer.

Register a domain
C hoose a domain that is short easy to spell and has keywords related to the topic that you’re going to be talking about.

Finding a domain can be difficult but these tools should make it a bit easier. I’ve been working with the domain business for a while now, so here are a few of the best sites to use when finding a domain for your website blog. (a robot service that generates domains based on your keywords) (a powerful tools that allows you to see domains that have recently expired) (a little bit of everything)

Getting Started With Adsense
Now that you have a blog it’s time to sign up for Google Adsense.
This is pretty straight forward, simply go to the and sign up. Just about everyone is accepted.

When placing ads on your website, less is more. A lot of people when first getting started with Adsense think that the more ads the more money and that simply isn’t true. It is however the best way to drive people away from your website. For me personally I’ve had the best luck with one larger ad preceding each article while an ad on the right hand side almost never gets clicked.

Google ads are valued based on their position on the page. An ad that appears first pays more than an ad that appears lower on the page. Google allow you to display 3 ads per page but that doesn’t mean that you should use all three. Remember too many ads drives visitors away.

Every website is different so ad placement differs from site to site, there is no magic formula but there are some rules of thumb. A banner ad at the top of the page usually performs better and 280 by 336 ad at the top preceding an article usually does well too.

Now get people to come to your website/blog and cash in!

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