Build an Earth Friendly Home While Saving Lots of Money

The dream of building your own home is the dream of many people around the world but for most of us it’s far too expensive.

front This home is a real life “Hobbit” style home named Simondale after it’s creator Simon. It’s an efficient, easy to build, and very cost effective alternative to the traditional home.

Simondale was built for 9000.00 Pounds or roughly 15,000 US Dollars. The home was built using non-standard building methods that are quite amazing to say the least. It took only 1500 man hours and was completed in just under 4 month.

In terms of affordability 15 Thousand dollars is a much more achievable goal for the average person than is 100,000 or more. Not to mention it’s a more environmentally friendly way of building.

Simondale uses solar panels to power the home. The pluming is gravity feed from a local spring and uses a composting toilet system. Once the home is paid for you’ll not have the typical electric bill or water bill to pay every month.

candleThe inside is just as attractive as the outside especially if your a fan of the rustic style. The home is heated using wood burning fire place and cooled using channels dug under the home. It’s structurally sound and seems quite comfortable.

If you’re interested in reading more about this home and this type of building, take a look at the website.

More about the Home
The Plans for the Home
About the Family

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