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If you enjoy saving money, shopping clearance racks and closeout sales then you will probably enjoy the list of online clearance and discounts. You can shop for clearance items right from home.

Use these resources to locate discount items to save money or find deeply discounted items for yourself or to resell. If you choose to resell any items, in some cases you could have them shipped directly to your customers.

Wal-Mart Clearance General Merchandise
Wal-Mart Stores moves through a lot of merchandise and has a constant need to closeout, clearance and discount items that will no longer be carried. You can often find excellent deals on the Wal-Mart clearance website.

Amazon Clearance General Merchandise
Amazon is, as you know, one of the worlds largest online retailers and because of this fact they have the ability to offer deep discounts on products from just about any category.

Khols Clearance Clothing & Apparel
Khols is already a discount seller of clothing and accessories so when they put an item on clearance the price usually goes way down. Many times more than 60% off the original  price.

K-Mart Clearance General Merchandise
K-Mart is another very large discount chain store and again when items go to the clearance rack they are usually deeply discounted. In addition to the clearance section, be sure to see the Coupon Section. Over 100 Coupons are offered each and every week. K-Mart Coupon Section

Toys-R-Us Clearance Toy & Games
 Toys R Us is a major toy and game retailer that everyone loves but the prices can be a bit high compared to other retailers. Thanks to the online clearance section you can still enjoy all the great toys without breaking the bank.

Target Clearance General Merchandise
Target offers a number of quality products, in fact, I think they spend a bit more time on quality then Wal-Mart & K-Mart which can result in higher prices, although, their prices are usually reasonable. If you don’t mind buying your items in the off season, shorts and bathing suits in the winter for the following summer you can save a big. Make sure to take a look at the 75% Off Section for closeouts, off season items, and more.
Target 75% Off or More

Best Buy Clearance Home Electronics
Before you buy that new Wii, X-Box 360, new computer or Flat Screen TV make sure to take a look at what Best Buy has at the Best Buy Outlet Center. Refurbished 

Macy’s Clearance  Clothing & Apparel & More
Everything from bedding to dresses and lamps to towel sets are closed out and added to the clearance rack each and every week at Macy’s.

Staples Clearance Office Supplies
Whe you’re in need of office supplies, furniture or a computer, be sure to see what has been discontinued, often there are only a limited number of items still available for sale. They are mark down to rock-bottom prices and placed in the Clearance Center.

Home Depot Clearance & Discount Construction Supplies -Appliances & More
Shopping for home improvement products, tools and supplies can have a hefty price. Home Depot, one of the two largest hardware and construction product retailers in the United States offers deep discounts on products they no longer wish to carry.

Zales Clearance Jewelry
Yes even fine jewelry often goes on clearance. If you’re shopping for that new engagement or wedding ring. Be sure to save money by checking out what’s on clearance first.

REI Clearance Sports and Outdoor Recreation
Sporting goods and accessories often carry with them a rather large price tag. If you’re the athletic type but your wallet is a bit thin you might want to check out REI’s clearance items and save big! I’m sure last years tents are just as good as this years tents.

DSW Shoes Clearance Shoes & Accessories
Designer shoes, wouldn’t we all love to have a pair? Usually if you’re on a budget and want to save money designer shoes are near the bottom of the list but with the DSW Clearance center perhaps it can move up a few places on the list? Save 30%-70% on purchases in the online clearance center.

JC Penney Clearance Clothing & Accessories
JCPenney offers some seriously discounted items, in fact, with mark downs starting at 50% -70% and final mark-downs of 80% you can save quite a bit on everything you need.

QVC Clearance General Merchandise
QVC circulates through a lot of products and with this volume many items end up on clearance and discounted to sell. Find deep discounts on goods from nearly every category.

Sears Clearance General Merchandise
Sears is the parent company of both K-Mart and Lands End with that many retail establishments you can only imagine how many products are flowing through their warehouse and the shear number of items that end up on clearance or discounted.

Be sure to bookmark this page as a quick reference for the next time you need to buy something but want to save money.

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