Monthly Archive: November 2009

The Secret to Making Money in the eBook Business

Writing eBooks for Fun & Profit
An eBook is simply a digital book that provides information. Some eBooks provide good information and others don’t, some sell for 100 dollars or more and others sell for just a few cents.

Consider this if I had information that could make you money, cure an ailment or teach you something that was important and of value to you, if you felt and believed that my information would benefit you then you would probably consider purchasing it in any for that it was available. Even if it were an ebook.

Save With Coupons – Online Coupon

One of the best ways to save money is with the use of coupons! Coupons use to come with a stigma attached. It seemed that if you used coupons you were admitting that you didn’t have enough money so you had to use coupons.

Website Building Tools – WordPress

Website Building Tools  – WordPress WordPress has become one of the most popular tools on the web when it comes to creating you own website and for good reason. WordPress offers a number of...

How to Choose A Web Hosting Company

Selecting a webhosting company is a vital decision when it comes to building your own website. Although it’s not a fundamental decision it’s important to choose the right company because once you’ve made the decision it can be difficult to change. There are a number of plans out there and many things to consider.