I NEED to Make Some Money

So Many ways to make money in a pinch so little time Today I came across the search term “I NEED to make some money” and I immediately knew exactly what that feels like. Having an urgent need to make money right now whether it’s for bills, rent, a mortgage or car payment etc.

ingodwetrust I know a lot of people are feeling the high unemployment rate right now and lots of people are looking for work but in many areas there aren’t enough jobs to go around. If you’re capable of working, taking a job right now, and you live in a reasonable sized town or city, if your willing you can go to work right now.

The problem with going to work right now for many is the fear of the word no or perhaps pride is what is stopping them. I think people often feel they are begging or somehow belittled themselves when taking on odd jobs or trying to get customers for a service they are capable of offering. The fact is that if you can overcome those concersn you can start making money right now.

Here’s a list of small businesses, services, and jobs that you can do today to bring in some money. This list focuses on the fact that you may not have a lot of money to get started. These are extremely affordable to get off the ground.

What Can You Do Today To Make Money?
Child Care If you are good with children and have a place to care for them, you can easily start a child sitting serviceor small day care. You’ll have to take a look at the local laws but in most places you can care for 5-6 children without having a licence or an assistant. This is a highly profitable business. For people who enjoy working with children this can be a rewarding small business opportunity.

The Address Business I always mention the address business for people who have the need to bring in money right now. I’ve mentioned it in several posts because when I lived in California I had a desperate need to make money. I had just purchased a house and on the day it initially closed I was laid off. My boss knew I was buying a house and as a favor let me stay for an extra 30 days to make sure nothing went wrong with the house purchase. The Problem was the day we moved in we had no source of income. My unemployment was just enough to take care of the payment but that was it. I had heard about the address business years before and decided to give it a shot. I put together the address kit and started going door to door to offer the service. To my amazement I  able to start bringing in money right away and on some days quite a bit. In fact in my best hour I made 90 dollars. I wrote all about how to get started in the Address Business lillypond Make Money Online With Viable Survey Companies Recently I’ve been doing research and lots of it. I wanted  to determine how people can make money online from their home computer. I’ve created a new section that evaluates online survey panel companies, affiliates companies and more. There are many scams but my goal has been to find companies for you that are viable, trustworthy, and allow you to actually make money. Sifting through the various opportunities, signing up and trying each one I’ve found several great places to make money online. My favorites are listed below.

1. Swagbucks.com

2. GlobalTestMarket  (Personal Favorite)

3. Ipsos I-Say

4. CashCrate

5. SurveySavvy

6. InboxDollars

Window Cleaning Window cleaning is a simple and straight forward easy business to get started. You can perform this work for both businesses and residential homes. The equipment you need to get started in this business is not that expensive, in fact you may already have the supplies you need. If not, you can find them for a low price. Yes there is expensive window cleaning tools but you don’t need them to start.

eBay You can’t really have a list of small businesses and ways to generate cash quickly without mentioning eBay. eBay can be an excellent way to bring in extra cash. Most everyone has things they don’t need that can be turned into money almost over night. If you don’t feel you have things to sell it’s ok, you actually do. You just may not be aware of them. I’ve wrote a few posts about eBay and if you’ve never worked with them you should probably take a look. 10 Things you should be selling on eBay Creative Ways for designers to make money on eBay How to make money selling coupons on eBay

Door to Door Sales If you’ve got the courage to go out and start knocking on doors you’d be surprised at the amount of work and money that’s available to you right now.  You can sell just about anything door to door. You can go to Costco purchase a deluxe box of candy bars, the type schools use for fund raisers and head out and make some extra cash. You don’t have to work for a fund raiser to offer this service. Many customers buy these candy bars simply because they have a sweet tooth and you’ve got the goods right there for them. Imagine you’ve got a sweet tooth, no big chocolate bars in the house and someone knocks on the door with a big selection of sweets. Read More about The Candy Sales Business or How to sell Custom Doorbells and and Peepholes to homeowners. And as mentioned above, The Address Business You can sell just about anything door to door.

10 years ago I worked although for a very short period of time selling steak chicken and sea food. I didn’t make much with this one but the guy I was working with was making at least 150.00 a day. In fact years after I tried it, a salesman came to my brothers house while he was at work, his wife bought an entire case of steaks.

Street Vending When we lived in San Diego several years ago we  would go out to the Gas Lamp District for dinner and a few drinks. While we were there we had plenty of opportunities to spend some money on street vendor products. While we sat at dinner a man or woman would come by with a bundle of roses in hand and offer them for a donation. Often 1-5 dollars.

You’d be amazed at how many men will buy roses for the woman their with. It’s an easy sale, imagine a first date, and he turns down the rose? I bet there wouldn’t be a second. After dinner we would often head down to Sea Port Village. Down there we would have the opportunity to buy custom shaped balloon animals, we could get a physic reading, or have a caricature drawn of us. These are all services that can be offered right now and have the potential of bringing in big money, in many cases much more than you may think. How about starting a Hot Dog Vending Business

Artists (an interesting way to sell your art) If you’re a decent artist this may be of interest to you. In North County in San Diego a talented artist would sit in the grassy area in front of a  beautiful resort hotel painting pictures. He painted with oil on canvas and would always paint larger painting, large enough to be a living room piece. At the same time he would have several completed paintings displayed that had already dried sufficiently. He would often sell one or two paintings a day for a minimum of 300.00 dollars a piece. To those that could afforded to stay in this resort, 300.00 dollars was a real bargain but to make 300-600 a day as he was, is big money. I’ve written an article for starving artists and designers to make money. I am an artist myself. While in New York a few years back my wife and I purchased two Asian style drawing of our children’s names each letter was a picture unto itself. One letter would be a palm tree and another a bird, you’ve probably seen those before. He completed the two pieces in about 20 minutes each cost 20.00 dollars, he made 40 dollars in 20 minutes doing something he enjoyed.

There are many more way to make money. Be sure to take a look at the Homebased Business Section for more ideas and please feel free to add your own ideas in the comment section. Who know you’re tip may help someone pay their rent this month.

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