The Secret to Making Money in the eBook Business

moneyHere’s an interesting way to make some money online that can provide long term residual income. Yes even now in 2009 – 2010.┬áLet me explain the details of how this is profitable on a few different fronts.

Writing eBooks for Fun & Profit
An eBook is simply a digital book that provides information. Some eBooks provide good information and others don’t, some sell for 100 dollars or more and others sell for just a few cents.

Consider this if I had information that could make you money, cure an ailment or teach you something that was important and of value to you, if you felt and believed that my information would benefit you then you would probably consider purchasing it in any for that it was available. Even if it were an ebook.

How to Make Money with eBooks. + Residual Income
First of all if an ebook is going to become profitable it need to provide solid high quality information. That’s step one because you want this book to both sell and spread virally. In addition most eBooks come with a money back guarantee and you don’t want all your customers to request a refund.

Think of your eBook as a foundation or an infrastructure. A lot of eBooks have good quality information and sell for a profit, but that’s the end of the line. Once the ebooks been sold that’s it. But if a ebook is written with the idea that it should first provide high quality information and be a foundation to something bigger then it can become profitable and in many cases extremely profitable and provide long term residual income as well.

Residual income
When you choose your topic, make sure to provide resources to products or services related to the topic. For example if you’ve written an ebook on how to buy and sell wholesale products online. Your ebook should contain your affiliate links to companies that provide wholesale products. Your customers who have purchased your eBook will then click your affiliate links within the ebook and you’ll make money from both sources.

This works with any topic. Let’s say that you write a book about make jelly or how to shoot a bow and arrow. I know silly examples but that’s ok. If you’ve written high quality information related to the topic and then provide a resource to products they will need in order to accomplish their goal then they will trust your recommendation.

Lets say that you’ve written an ebook on how to shoot a cross bow and then you make your recommendation to the top 5 cross bows via your Amazon affiliate store. The readers of the book are going to click on the product recommendation and perhaps buy a cross bow. You’ve made a profit on both fronts. Now the customer who purchased the ebook decides that it was so good that he gives it to his friend and his friend buys a bow as well, that’s viral marketing and depending on the topic you choose, the quality of the information and the products and services you choose to promote, you can potentially create a large long term residual income. So you see using this method even a digital book that sells for a few cents can make lots of money in the long term.

If you consider it, it will click “Oh, that’s why so many books come with reseller rights”.

A few tips
If your going to write an ebook make sure to choose your topic well and remember this term “Desperate Buyers Only” Desperate buyers only is a popular term referring to the fact that a person who is desperate for information is more likely to buy then a person who is not. So writing an ebook on how to cure a painful tooth ache is more likely to sell then how to draw pretty flowers.

Consider offering reseller rights

If your book contain affiliate links and product recommendation consider allowing people to give the book to friends and family.

To Your Success Good Luck!

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