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Website Building Tools  РWordPress

wordpress_logosWordPress has become one of the most popular tools on the web when it comes to creating you own website and for good reason. WordPress offers a number of features that will put you ahead of the crowd and allow you to focus on writing content rather than writing and fixing code. Some of the main features to using WordPress are, ease of design, when you use wordpress you have an entire themes directory to choose the look and feel of your site and you can change from one theme to another in just a few minutes. Because WordPress is Open-source you can change and alter the themes so that your site doesn’t look like everyone else. In addtion to the use of themes you’ll also be able to take advantage of the Plugins directory as well. Plugins are simply ad ons that allow you to optimize your website you can choose everything¬†from SEO tools to optimize the your site for search engines to the addition of calender, and bookmarking tools. is built on the WordPress Platform.

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