Start a Firewood Business 400 Dollars a Day

firewoodThe Firewood Business High Profit Potential

I recently learned of a small business that has the ability of generating lots of money. When I say lots of money I mean in the neighborhood of 400-500 dollars a day during certain parts of the year. In many regions around the world wood is the main source of heat in the home.

I’m originally from California so buying or burning wood for heat was not a consideration. Living in the pacific north west on the other hand, most everyone depends on it as the only source of heat during the long winters.

A cord of wood depending on the type starts at around 100 dollars and goes up from there. Certain types of wood can cost more than 300 dollars a cord. These cords are in high demand, in fact many tree cutters have waiting lists in order to service all the demand.

Most individuals who depend on wood as their main supply of heat don’t usually don’t have the time or tools to cut their own. They buy it, and if your willing and able you can provide it, earning in excess of 100 dollars per hour.

What You’ll Need
Collection of hand saws
Work Gloves
Axes, Malls
Heady duty work clothes, gloves and boots
It’s recommend to work with a partner in this business as the work requires more than one person in many cases. Logs can be quite heavy.

Where to get the wood

Mill Ends
There are many sources to obtain the wood you will need to supply your customers. First you can buy what are called mill ends from wood mills.  Purchasing 100.00 dollars worth of mill end when taken home and re-packaged into 200 small bundles can sell for aprox 1000.00 dollars.

Whole Logs
Depending on the area you live in, consider working with logging operations in the area. You may be surprised to find out how just how many there are in the local foot hills and mountains. Arrange loads of whole logs that are rejected as quality lumber. You can also work with the local forest department to gain access to logs. When working with the forest department you can purchase permits to either cut up already downed trees or in some cases thin areas of over growth.

Another option for gaining access to raw lumber is working with land owners and offering to thin out the land they live on or clear areas of down tree’s to make the land more accessible. In the case of working with land owners you’ll generally split the profits from the wood on the land.

If you’re a hard worker and rugged enough this business can provide a full time income. Just like food people need to stay warm.

As you build your business, stay in touch with your customers. In this business customers tend to be quite loyal. A one time sale can become a customer for life.

Post you’re services in on bulletin boards, ask for referrals from current customers, load your truck with a cord of wood and park in on a main street with your phone number on it. Work with chimney sweep services, wood burning stove and & fireplace sellers and others.

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