Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden This Spring – Save Money

April showers bring May flowers and it’s the perfect time to start a vegetable garden.

It’s just about that time again spring is almost here! This is the season we  start a garden and it’s a great opportunity to save money on the food we buy. Not to mention you’ll be creating a fun and relaxing hobby at the same time.

If you enjoy fresh vegetables, working outside and saving money it’s easier than you may think. It certainly takes some work but in the end it’s well worth it.

With as little as a ten dollar for seeds you can potentially grow over a thousand dollars worth of food and in fact if you’ve saved seeds from the vegetables you have purchased in the past then you won’t even need to spend that 10.00 dollars.

These days produce is one of the highest priced commodities wel buy at the grocery store. Most often the quality is much better when grown at home. Have you ever compared a home-grown strawberry to a store bought one? The difference is quite amazing. The store bought strawberries are usually quite large but bitter. At home our garden strawberries are a bit smaller in size  but the strawberry and very sweet right off the vine.

We keep a small garden about 10 by 15 feet and we usually grow a variety of tomatoes, strawberries, green beans, and peppers. You should grow what you enjoy most but consider the climate and which fruits and vegetables will do well in your region. We always included a number of pumpkins for the final harvest in October but be careful they can take over a garden. It’s perfect timing for Halloween and we end up saving another $20.00 dollars or so that we would have otherwise  spend buying pumpkins for 5.00-7.00 dollars a piece at the local grocery store. In addition if anyone else in your neighborhood keeps a garden you can trade your excess vegetables with them. It’s a great way to increase the variety.

The time you’ll have to dedicate to a garden varies with with the size of the garden and what you’re growing. For us it’s only a few hours a week. Weeding, watering and pruning, for us it’s a fun way to spend a few hours a week.

Seeds are rather inexpensive usually ten seeds for a dollar and you can harvest seeds from vegetables you currently buy.

(NOTE) With so many receiving food assistance in this economy it’s important to note vegetable plants and seeds can be purchased with EBT and or food stamps.

If you want to save even more money consider starting a compost heap. Compost heaps can create extremely rich soil and cut down on the trash bill at the same time. You can use non ink paper such as toilet paper rolls cardboard boxes and paper sacks to increase the volume.

How to grow your own garden.

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  1. small gardens are very cute and does not cost much to setup:~-

  2. my hubby always love small gardens and zen gardens, he always decorate it with new stuffs he buys online.”.

  3. small gardens are cute but i still prefer to have those medium sized gardens where i can grow some veggies “`;

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