The Library

If you looking to save on the entertainment budget consider the library. It’s still a vast resource.

Of course everyone know about the library, I mean we all used it back when we were in school, back when we had to learn the card catalog system but for many of us using the library stopped when we finished school.

I think over the years many of us just plain forgot about it and all that it has to offer. With the advent of Barns and Noble, Borders Book and the Internet a person almost forgets that the library even exists and that books and movies and many other resources are free to to use, just about anything you can imagine is either there or can be ordered through the library system and all for free.

If you have a long commute you could check out a book on CD or perhaps learn a new language.

Just a reminder of the vast resource that most of haveĀ availableĀ at our disposal.

Just a little reminder; if you haven’t visited your local library recently stop by and give it a try!

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