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Candy Sales Business

When you think back to the days when you were in school, you probably remember school fund raisers. Fund raising is excellent way for schools to bring in extra money. Churches often participate as well when raising additional funds.

Candy sales are not only for non-profits, just ask Hersheys. Can you imagine a world without a Hershey Company?

In the recent economic downturn candy sales are up and that can be explained by the fact that candy is a comfort food and people like comfort.

The candy sales business can be quite lucritive for anyone who would like to earn some cash on the side or even sell candy full time.

All You Will Need
Candy – Sales Pitch

There are many ways to sell candy. You can go door-to-door or you can sell to local businesses or both. Anywhere there is a person there’s probably a sweet tooth or candy craving close by. Your job is to simply fill that candy craving. People will almost always buy candy because it’s inexpensive and always enjoyable.

Adults interested in selling candy
Might be surprised that selling candy to patrons of local bars is a big business.
Sell candy to patrons of local bars.

Setting up a kiosk near local movie theaters can provide an excellent income as well. We all know that buying candy at the movie theater  is expensive to say the least; it takes a small loan for some milk duds. Prices are quite high and everyone likes to save money. There is nothing wrong with a little candy competition.

Although at the time we weren’t selling candy  I can remember a time my daughter and I went selling door to door for a school fund-raiser. In the first hour alone she was able to bring in 45.00 dollars offering candles and other household goods. There is no reason anyone couldn’t be successful doing this on their own as a full time business. Just have a great sales script and a motivation for a customer to buy. Most of the time when it comes to selling candy and other goods door-to-door as a fund-raiser, the buyers motivation is to help the person selling earn the extra money their trying to raise. With a few changes in the sales script a person could easily build that same excitement in the candy itself.

Of course as always you should look into your local city and state regulation regarding selling door-to-door and/or getting a permit.

I use to keep a bulk box of candy in my snack cupboard, everyone in the neighborhood new it was there. If they had a sweet tooth, they knew where they could come to buy a candy-bar. That technique alone will fill a change jar quite quickly.

If door to door sales is something you feel comfortable with, you may also want to consider, The Address Curb Painting Business or you may consider The Doorbell Peephole Business These are both quite profitable and easy to start home based business as well.

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