How to Start a Web Hosting Company the Easy Way – Big Profit Potential

Start a website Hosting Company – Domain Registrar the Easy Way

One of the most lucrative prospects on the web is without a doubt offering web hosting and domain services. A large percentage of the world is still not online. This business is still in it’s infancy. The sky’s the limit.

Becoming you’re own domain registrar and hosting company is much easier than you may think. This is based on affiliate marketing but taken to a new level, you will be starting an entire store front, not simple putting ads and banners on your personal website promoting someone else’s service.

Wild West Domains
Thanks to Wild West Domains a division of you can now easily start a domain registrar and hosting company. The cost to get started is around 99.00 for the basic program depending on the promotional offering when you join. (tip, never sign up for or buy a service without doing a google search, to make sure you’re getting the best current promotional price.)

The great thing about working with Wild West Domains is that you set your own prices so you can be as competitive as you like. I also like the fact that they take care of all of your customer service needs, included free.

Another quite popular reseller program to consider is HostGator The pricing structure is a bit different, instead of paying per year, HostGator is billed monthly. The lowest plan price starts at 24.95 per month. However there are advantages to this payment structure. Although it seems a bit more expensive up front, with this structure you keep all of the profits. The difference is that when you use Wild West Domains and many others, you pay the 99.00 dollar yearly fee + a portion of each sale you make. The biggest benefit to HostGator is that once you’ve sold your first 3-5 hosting plans you’ve essentially taken care of the monthly fees, after that the rest is pure profit.

If you’ve read 5 Ways to make money online, and were entertaining the idea of flipping website or domains, it may be a good idea to join a hosting reseller program first, simply because you will have the option to purchase domains from yourself at the wholesale price. If your considering flipping website you can offer hosting services as an added benefit to your customers.

Some website flippers have found an entire market selling quick template sites built on wordpress. They don’t really concern about how much the site sells for because they gain a hosting customer in the process.

Reseller Club
Although I’ve not worked with Reseller Club in the past they look quite promising. The wholesale cost for unlimited hosting with is only 2.49 much less expensive Wild West Domains at 3.99 (monthly). Another benefit is that the hosting plans are unlimited, that’s unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk space, this can prove to be a valuable sales tool when making your plans available to the public. Since the average hosting price is 7.49 –  9.99 for a basic hosting plan, just imagine how much you could make offering unlimited hosting with a base wholesale cost of just 2.49. That 5.00 – 7.00 profit, per customer, per month.

There are several other hosting reseller programs available that you should take a look at before jumping in.

Who else should consider having a reseller hosting account?
If you’re involved in web development, whether a website designer, web programmer, consultant, or graphic designer, you should definitely consider the benefits of having the ability to offer hosting and web services. If you consider it, web hosting/services are the foundation of the web.

If you’re already building websites, why not make an ongoing monthly profit from hosting. Your customers will appreciate that you’ve got your act together and can take care of all their needs.

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