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doggie-pooper-scooperPooper Scooper Business – Cheap, Easy to Start Home Based Business
Need to make some extra cash and don’t have a lot of money to get started? Consider doing something that other people won’t do or at least don’t enjoy doing.

Starting a pooper scooper service can be quite profitable and it’s not expensive to get started. Customers are easy to find. Just follow the sound of barking and your in business. You can potentially make a great deal of money with this easy to start low cost business.

What do you need to get started? Not much!

1. Pooper scooper shovel and a small rake.
2. Some plastic bags
3. A few sets of gloves.
4 A sales pitch
5. Maybe a pair of boots 🙂

$0.00- $20.00

Consider this, if you’re a person who has a few dogs and a full time job, you might easily consider paying someone 10 or 15  dollars or more per week to come by and scoop up all the piles of poop that you doggies have left behind for you during the week. This is simply not a desirable task and because of that there are customers ready to sign up right now.

Getting Customers
The Pooper Scooper Business is an excellent business to offer via door to door sales, flyers, and message boards at the local grocery store. To get started, offer your services to friends and family members and don’t forget to ask for referrals from each of your customers.

Potential Earnings – Big $$$
This business can easily provide a full time income depending on where you live. If you offer your services for $15.00 dollars per week you will only need 34 full time customers to earn 510.00 per week, that’s 2040.00 per month and you could easily do twice that before becoming overwhelmed. In many cases you could even charge a bit more for your services, don’t sell yourself short. If you cater to more affluent or better neighborhoods you could potentially charge 40 dollars a week. To some people 40 dollars is chump change. I’m sure the pooper scooper guy/gal that services Beverly Hills make a great deal of money.

Consider offering your services to the city as well. Find out how you can become the pooper scooper guy/gal at the city parks, apartment complexes and other areas where dogs do their business.

If this small business ideas is right for you, here’s the pooper scooper that will make this job a breeze.

If this business interests you, you may also be interested in reading about starting a dog walking business.

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2 Responses

  1. vincent says:

    this seems like an interesting idea. how would you dispose of the waste?

  2. @ vincent: Most of the pros in the pooper-scooper business bag up the waste, take it away with them when they leave the customer’s yard, and take the accumulated waste to the local santiary landfill. Some startups arrange with the customers dispose of the double-bagged waste in the customers’ own trash cans. Some pros have dumpster service or share dumpster service with a neighboring business. If you want to learn more about it, there’s a lot of free information in an online forum dedicated to the pooper-scooper business at http://www.pooper-scooper.com.

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