Roll Your Own Cigarettes and Save Lots of Money

One  pack of cigarettes a day at the national average is $1620.00 per year – You can save  $1255.00 per year by rolling your own!

When you roll your own cigarettes it brings the price down to about $1.00 per pack. That a .05 cents per cigarette instead of .25 cents or more.

Price break down
Smoking cigarettes can be an expensive habit, at $3.00 to $8.00 per pack. The price for a pack of cigarettes is at an all time high right now. The national average for a single pack of cigarettes is around $4.50. and if you smoke a pack per day, that is a monthly cost of around $135.00  and a whopping $1620.00 a year!

We all know that the best way to save money with regard to cigarettes is quiting all together or at least cut down a great deal. But this article isn’t intended to encourage you to quite or cut down. That’s your choice. This is about how you can save money on cigarettes if you choose to smoke them.
Why are cigarettes so expensive?
The current price of cigarettes is not necessarily due to the cigarette manufactures increasing prices but in fact a large portion of the price is tax.

cigarette tax by state

Map Source

Many smokers are now opting to do the work themselves and roll their own cigarettes (that’s what we do). The reason that rolling your own cigarettes is such a great savings is simply due to the fact that rolling tobacco is taxed differently.

Cigarettes are not Healthy but at the same time many roll your own cigarettes are all natural and do not contain the large number of chemicals found in typical brands.

Another benefit of the rolling your own cigarette is they generally go out if you’re not smoking them because they don’t have the gun powder that many main stream cigarettes contain. You know the little spark, flare up, you often see when smoking traditional cigarette? You don’t ever see that when you roll your own cigarettes.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started
There are two types of cigarette rolling machines, the tube type which includes the filter and the hand rolling type.

This is the Tube Type Cigarette Machine
This is the one I use  I’ve used other brand like premier but the Top roller works the best.

Machine Tube Rolling Machine Price 7.00


And this is the hand rolling machine
You can buy filters seperatly with this type but the above tube machine makes a much better cigarette.

Hand Roller Price 2.36

You’ll also need cigarette tubes They come in both Menthol and Regular, Kings and 100s.
Heres 5 cartons for 15.95

Gambler is the BEST
cigarette tube ever made. The Premier brand works well but if the tobacco gets to dry then the  end  rips apart. The gambler tubes are just a bit wider, since I’ve switched to Gambler two cartons ago this hasn’t happened.

Finally you’ll need tabacco but you need to understand how it’s sold. Traditional “cigarette” tobacco is taxed differently than “cigar” tabacco. Which is the very same thing just cut differently. If you choose tube cut, you will pay more.  When you go buy your cigarette tobacco your actually buying “long cut cigarette tobacco” or in other words “cigar tabacco”

I use Golden Harvest Brand Tobacco.

Give yourself a chance to get use to both smoking and rolling your own cigarettes.
I noticed that in the first week or two both my wife and myself kept craving a “regular cigarette” I don’t know if it was due to the chemicals they put in them or exactly what caused it.

But the fact is, roll your own cigarettes are much much better.  I notice now that on a very rare ocassion we will buy our old brand and that I will opt to roll my own instead of smoking them.

Looking for more ways to save?
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4 Responses

  1. Will says:

    I started rolling my own and found that the technology is a lot better than when I was a lot younger. The tobacco is the same or better than store bought and the machines roll them pretty quick. I went from spending $50-$70/carton to less than $10/carton. Got a starter pack for only $55 and each pound rolls about 3 cartons. Saved $120 after counting the money I spent on the machine from my first purchase and get all of my roll your own stuff from AAA Discount Tobacco
    Probably save about $1,800 my first year, that’s definitely nothing to sneeze at.

  2. pennyroll says:

    And it gets easier as you go, not to mention all the money you save. 🙂

  3. Joe says:

    I save thousands making my own. Comes out to about 70 cents a pack.

  4. Edward Frank says:

    Being a non-smoker I cannot help but feel for smokers the way cigarettes are taxed. This is truly overtax. It appears that roll-your-own is the way to go since it costs significantly less and appears to be better for one’s health and is simple with modern equipment

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