How to Negotiate Everything

Negotiation is an important and often overlooked skill. Negotiation is not something that you do only at car lots but an art that can be used any time money changes hands.

Many don’t realize or consider the fact most businesses and people alike are willing to negotiate the price on just about any product or service their offering.

I’ve negotiated a better price for a products in places you wouldn’t ever expect like Wal-mart for example. I decided a while back that if I didn’t like the price of a product or service or if I felt that I could get a better deal then the initial offer I would at least give it try. I almost always counter offer.

It’s surprising to know that you can work out a better deal anywhere from chain stores to a hot dog stand at a local event.

It’s important to realize people want and need to make sales, and you have the right to save the money you work hard for. I was recently at a pawn shop that was going out of business and wanted to close out all their merchandise. I noticed that a lot of the products still had the original price tag on them and that the owners were making up the prices as they went along.

You would basically bring a product to the counter he would give you the new lower price and you would either take it or leave it. Most were so happy they were getting a new lower price so they would just take the new deal. On the other hand I would make a counter offer and leave it to him to take it or leave it. The offer I would make, the counter offer would be low which would allow him room to make me a new even better offer.

For example, that day I bought a camera. It was an 80.00 dollar camera that had a 40.00 dollar price tag, I brought it to him, he offered 20.00 (the new low price everyone else was accepting) I countered with 10.00 which he declined. After all I was just shopping. He came back to me and said he would give me the camara for 15.00 I could have taken the deal but instead I said 12.00 I got it for 12.00 bucks. That’s the same as getting a .20 cent raise at work for an entire week!

If you think it’s not a respected way of doing business. I got an inadvertent compliment that day. You see my wife was there with me and was standing at the counter when the owner of the pawn shop leaned over and told her “that’s a really smart guy right there” apparently he liked my style. I’m not telling you that to toot my own horn, but to relay to you that it’s a respected way of doing business in nearly every situation.

Sure that seems like a place that a person might negotiate but it was amazing how many people weren’t doing it.

A few months ago I was at a local event and went up to the hot dog stand for 4 hot dogs, the vendor said it would be 8.00 dollars (you know how hot dog stand are, expensive) Well you know that he’s making quite a profit on 4 hot dogs at 8 bucks. I said I’ll give you 5 he said no deal. Now you could say “well that didn’t work” or you could say “well, it’s only 4 hot dogs I’ll tell ya what, I’ll give ya 6 bucks” He took the deal because it would be dumb not to, after all 6 dollars for 4 hot dogs is a great profit. Now I guarantee that no one else negotiated those dogs that day and no one else got the 2 dollars off that I did just by negotiating. To some this may sound like a “cheap skate” but I beg to differ. People work hard for their money and often things are simply over priced and I see no reason why you or I should be taken advantage. As a customer you have just as much right to make a price on a product or service as those offering the product or service because you are exactly half the deal, without you as a customer nothing can be sold which gives you every right to create the price.

Negotiating can be done just about anywhere:

Better Deal on Hotel Rooms?
On a road trip several years ago my family and I were checking in at a hotel, it was quite late. Now at the time I didn’t know that hotel rooms were negotiable but the desk clerk took it upon himself to make me a better offer for the room. I asked “you can do that” he went on to explain that desk clerks often have a minimum price for rooms and that they can offer it if it’s late or if too many rooms are available. I’ve almost never paid full price for a room since. You’ll almost always get an extra 10.00 ro 15.00┬ádollars off just by saying “Well how about this price?” when they tell you the room rate. Always go low. they say 89 you say 59, they will say the magic words “the lowest I can go is…” and that’s what you want to hear. Of course you’ll get a no deal from time to time but that’s ok because most of the time your going to get a better price.

Learning how to put this life skill in action will empower you and can save you thousands of dollars per year.

Always counter offer and make it low, even if they didn’t intend to negociate with you, they will naturally counter offer.

I guarantee that if you start using this process you will keep a lot of your hard earned money in your pocket.

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