The Domain Name Business and the Tools You’ll Need to Make Money!

Many people believe that the days of making money with domain names are long gone, they believe that because, and are gone that the money’s already been made. Gone are the day’s that you could register a domain and sell it for a quick million, but selling domains in the neighborhood of 15.00 to 7,000.00 and sometimes even more, is still quite viable and certainly not a bad income.

There are plenty of active market to sell domains and plenty of tools to find great domain names as well. If this idea peaks your curiosity, here’s how and where to get started. For selling as well as learning more about this business, stop by a mature community with plenty of info regarding the domain business, and a great place to sell domain name. You’ll also want to stop by the Domain forum at For finding newly expired and/or quality keyword domains, spend some time at the sites listed below. These are some of the best, but you’ll find even more once you get your feet wet. A few more resources to get familiar with if you’re interested in making some fast cash with domains include, and

As you know, finding domain name these days can be quite challenging to say the least. It seems that almost everything is taken and if you use a service like to generate ideas you’ll likely get silly suggestions. A search for “small business” will generate suggestions like “” probably not exactly what you were looking for. Thankfully a small number of websites have dedicated themselves to helping you find the domains your seeking.


Domainsbot is a valuable and intelligent service that generates quality domains closely related to the topic your searching. It will take the keyword your looking for and replace them with closely related word from the thesaurus.

Domain tools has become the goto service on the web when it comes to finding domain name that are currently available. Aside from generating great domains they offer an array of other tools as well. Tools such as domain history, typo generator, domain monitoring and more.

Just dropped has to be one of the best tools on the web when it comes to finding quality domain names. Just dropped focuses on domain name that have recently expired and have deleted. Everyday thousands of quality domains expire and become available again. To see the most current list of these domain use

7thSpace is a another useful tool when looking for that perfect domain name. They offer currently expiring domain lists.

savespellAnother powerful tool when it comes to locating that perfect domain is Easy to read and offers an extremely updated list of domains as they become available. With an easy to read Red or Green symbol next to each domain it allows for quick and easy scanning of the lists.


bustanameBust a name offers an extremely unique way of searching for a domain name. By adding different keywords to your list the tool will generate domains that are available. Each keyword will be combined with another to see if something comes up. As you enter keywords, you can create groups so that certain word can’t be combined.


instantdomainsearchI had to go back and find this one. Instant domain search isn’t one I use often but I enjoy it when I do use it. The way Instant Domain Search work is, it check whether a domain is available each time you enter a letter. It’s a nce feature but it tricks me too often and makes me feel that something is available when it’s not. However it can be a very useful tool and worth being on the list of great domain tools.

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5 Responses

  1. Sergey says:

    there is a new domain search tool – This is a domain name generator which combines words from the given or predefined word sets and instantly checks the result domains’ availability in most popular TLDs.

  2. tami says:

    That one Takes a long time.

  3. pennyroll says:

    I’ve probably made more money with this business than any other I’ve tried.

  4. Susan says:

    I like to use to get a free appraisal on domain names.

  5. pennyroll says:

    That looks to be a good domain appraisal tool but what do you like to use for complete website appraisal? I’ve tried several but the values they come up with are all over the place. says is worth 6358.30 while says 1,336.00

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