Beginners Guide to Making Money with Google Adsense

As I mentioned earlier, Adsense will read your content, and determine which ads will be shown. This is where keywords come in to play, and may influence your decision regarding which topic you decide to choose for your website.

Some keywords pay more than others and in some cases much more than others, but it’s important to know that with the higher paying keyword. The number of clicks per day often goes way down.

You can use the Google Adwords Tool to locate keywords and the average cost per click and how many clicks each term receives. You’ll notice that if the phrase “mesothelioma lawyer” is entered that it has an extremely high payout 50-60 dollars per click. Where the word “business” is in the neighborhood of 2.00 dollars per click. The difference is great but, you will also notice that “mesothelioma lawyer” only gets about 2 clicks a day. So that is certainly worth considering.

However if I were to balance this ratio out, I could start a blog or website about how best to save on insurance and chose to use keywords such as “insurance quote” I would get much higher odds of my visitors clicking the ads because that phrase has an average of 313 clicks per day with a payout of 17.19 cents. So keyword selection is important no matter what topic you choose.

Keywords should be placed through out your website but at the same time you shouldn’t write your content for the Adsense robot. Write your content for your visitors.

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