Beginners Guide to Making Money with Google Adsense

How do Google Ads Appear on my Website
Google ads will appear when you copy and paste a small piece of Java script code into your websites code. The code will be generated when you complete the process of choosing the type of ad to be displayed and designing your advertisement, color, size of text, etc.

Blending Ads
There are two methods of design when creating your ad. The first is blending. Blending your ads is to choose colors that are simalar to the colors of your website. For example, if all the links thatĀ appearĀ on your website are green, then your adsense units will also be green. If your background is grey then the ads background will be grey. etc.

Complimentary Ads
This is the practice of making your ads stand out in direct contrast to your website. Like I mentioned each persons website is different so each approach will vary. I personally prefer the blending option.

You can read more about blending and complementing here

From my experience with adsense sometimes, less is more. I’ve tried a variety of ad placement, and what works best for is one ad at the top of a single post and one below. Ive tried banner ads and link units. I’ve tried adsense for search and link unites, but it turns out more ads increase my bounce rate. Bounce rate meaning a visitor will visit one page and leave. Visitors are scared off when too many ads are running.

If Adsense sounds like something you would like to try but do not currently have a website. Read this article on how to get a website up and running using WordPress

Remember write your content because you enjoy writing content and want to inform your visitors. Don’t write it simply to get adsense clicks.

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